Summer Ending in Super Sun Spun Threads

Threads meaning hair or the fabric of hair…what does yours look like? Worsted wool, dreaded dreads, poker face straight, pale green icicles? Whatever the dilemma, summer was fun and now we want to turn our attention back to our hair well being. After all, parties and fundraisers are filling our calendars as fall approaches.

Beach hair looks great on the beach, in the sunshine sand of summer. Fall fashion dictates a new regime of hair looks according to the textures of fashion. When fashion becomes more textured, hair gets more sleek, the play of opposites to give attention to each field.

Searching the trends of Burberry, Trina Turk, Ann Taylor and the pages of Vogue (never mind Lady Gaga as that special effect was a wig and for the theater of fashion), women are keeping their locks long. Longer is actually easier to maintain and offers options of the ponytail to accommodate the addition of collars and special necklines. What is of prime importance now is to get your tresses back into shape, in to a fit state of being so you can go back to your intense work and party life that leads into the holidays.

Deep conditioning is on board now for you as you want your hair to look finished and perfect with just a natural dry in your busy schedule. That is possible and that is what you can accomplish when your hair has that perfect balance of thickness and smoothness.

Your cuticle has been swollen over the summer months with the exposure to sun, humidity, salt and sand. No problem unless it has gotten dull and stiff. Instead of covering it up with plastics and waxing conditioners you must ultra moisturize the hair with plant oils. Plant oils go deep inside the cuticle and shaft and into the follicle to repair the damage due to over exposure to the elements. Jojoba and sesame are your best choices as they are the only plant oils that will penetrate into the follicle and hair shaft allowing sufficient moisturizing so hair is flexible and shiny. When you use plant oils you can choose the degree to which you smooth or flatten your hair or how much you want to allow for the fullness of your hair.

Argan oil has been touted as a dry hair miracle and still does not have the refinement of sesame and jojoba. It also has been blended in synthetic bases which make it a minute ingredient in the mix, so you are not really getting all the benefits they are promising. Therefore, because it is coupled with synthetic ingredients, it actually is suffocating the hair strand instead of hydrating and healing the elasticity.

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