Current Hair Trends for August ….Let’s Say HOT Courante!

August, the last month of summer vacation before back to school.  So while we are squeezing in our last dose of summer, repairing our summer vices and preparing for the fall social season or school, here is a collection of hair trends that will allow multi tasking of fun and function.

Out and about doing errands and you continually still put your long hair up and out of the way? Your highlights are grown out and your hair is so GROSS, DULL, & DRY from your beach outings?

A side ponytail is prepared with Appreciation and Collaboration to smooth frizzies and condition while you play.

First, apply Appreciation to dry hair, one pump at a time to deep condition cuticle, hydrate the follicle and to smooth out  frizzles around the hairline.  Then brush through with a paddle brush to evenly distribute.

Second, apply Collaboration after it has been warmed to the strand to smooth the hair more from your scalp to your slightly faded ends or to your ombre!  Brush through again with paddle brush.

Now you are ready to place your ponytail:

  1. nape low  to one side so it comes around to the front shoulder
  2. center back nape in a messy chignon
  3. or side pony near the crown and allow for an asymmetrical bob look.

Be sure the hair is pulled back tight like a skull cap and leave ends messy textured and wavy for maximum trend appeal.  Multiple textured combinations are so haute right now!

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