Professional Guides: Upgrading hair color services to give your client more value and make you look like a genius.

No matter what color line you are using at his moment, you can begin to upgrade that color line by adding BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care to your hair color procedure. With the addition of Appreciation, you are moving your color into the organic category and will experience superior color results, reduce fading, stop all breakage, eliminate deposit buildup and dulling, maintain and improve elasticity and shine, and great a aromatheraputic experience for the client.

Appreciation is applied to the client prior to color procedure on dry hair. Work in 3-8 pumps of Appreciation one at a time beginning with the ends and moving toward the scalp. Massage oil also around the hairline to prevent color staining around the face.

If you have the intention of pulling the color through to the ends the entire time or for 3 minutes, add Appreciation to the color bowl directly to soften the impact and reduce the opening of the cuticle. Doing so will reduce fading. Continued use of Appreciation will stop the need for pulling color through at every visit and eventually will stop all color fading.

Appreciation will not prevent color coverage, it will enhance color coverage. Think oil going into hair and scalp, forget coating hair & scalp. The molecular structure is so small even smaller than your own scalp sebum. So it actually prepares the way for the color by pre softening, conditioning or feeding the hair so the color will actually accept color more thoroughly.

BeverlyD APPRECIATION Organic Jojoba Hair & Body OilIf you have extra dry and frizzy hair, naturally coarse straight hair, African American or other ethnicities, Collaboration may be used over Appreciation prior to color process to further condition smooth and add shine and balance porosity. Warm Collaboration before applying to activate it’s power to penetrate deeply and smooth dryness, by setting a a bowl of hot water before applying to hair.

You will see & feel immediate results when using theses products, for the first time. With continued use the hair will become young again with movement shine and tensile strength within one year. Women have reported that they find their hair easier to style, and they actually wear their hair more natural and do not need to force it into a style. The hair falls into the style easily and beautifully.

To complete, recommend your clients to purchase these products so that they can begin to use at home and build a strand of hair that is strong, shiny and will hold their color. Appreciation and Collaboration can be used with other product lines harmoniously with much success.

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