The Value of Sun, The Myth of Sunscreen

I remember using the sun to highlight my hair. Squeezing lemon juice along my hairline to impart lighter strands or streaks around the face. I remember how the sun use to brighten my eyes after a day at the beach or laying in the sun. They felt blue like the sky and lighter, luminescent. I felt so pretty after a day in the sun.

Yet we have turned against the sun and have made it wrong . Now it’s sunscreens, skin cancer and Vitamin D deficiencies.

I am here to speak on sunscreens for your hair since I am a expert of the fabric of hair, hairdressing and natural styling methods, I have my professional observations of what I see works to prevent color fading.

What Doesn’t Work

If you want to prevent color from fading, turning red, getting lighter in the sun…you have to stop blasting the cuticle open so much. You are opening the cuticle every time you color, highlight, perm, relax, blow dry, use mousse, hairspray, styling lotions (alcohol opens the cuticle) and that is where the color slips out. Even shampooing and conditioning the hair especially with protein conditioners that thicken, lift color. I always caution my clients after they have their color done that they do not use protein for a week after the service to let the cuticle close down completely. Couple all of that with the sun, who is getting the blame? The sun! When the hair strand cuticle is kept tight and closed, fading will not occur.

The sun alone brightens and lightens a touch, hence sun kissed. The sun actually can soften a fresh color and take away the harshness. Sun kissed color is actually youthful and very flattering. If your color is fading that has a lot more to do with the method in which the color has been applied, the choice of color and the repetitiveness of repeat coloring. The sun just uncovers the abuse of the chemicals, the manufacturer and the practitioner.

What Works

So as a client if you want to get out of the vicious circle of color fading, I recommend the following actions:

  1. Upgrade your color manufacturer and color choice. Most individuals choose too light of a color , then pull it thru every time because the color faded or got red; which then gets it too dark because of the repetition therefore they move up a level only to keep pulling it through again. If you choose a darker color and just apply to the roots only, I guarantee it will look more natural, will not fade, will not get red, and will be the appropriate color for you. (Re: Henna, or Schwarzkopf Essensity )
  2. Use Kindness. Color safe shampoos will not be necessary. If you truly understand that color stays and doesn’t fade on healthy hair, you will not need all those claims that the shampoo will not fade your color. Most important for shampoos because we use them so much are sulfate, paraben free and they must be made from plant and food ingredients for maximum health benefits.  (Re: Kindness Shampoo)
  3. Utilize the sun as a conditioning agent by applying plant oils in the hair to further tighten the cuticle. Especially on the beach, it will give you a fashion forward beach hair look by separating the hair allowing more movement and artistic possibilities. (Re:Collaboration OR Appreciation)

Otherwise just enjoy the sun and your hairdo. Reign confidently that you know now when your hair can or can not take excessive exposure to the sun. Oh and there is always a cute hat or a messy chignon or a bun!

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