Tips for Alive Healthy hair

If you want to give a facelift to your hair,  here are tips to create youthful nip and tucks.

Simple Hair cuts…layers dull the hair because it creates a lot of ends. Hair that is smooth and shows off the shine of the strand and is younger always.

Movable hair…someplace in your haircut,  hair should move and that means it has length to move. The nape is not always the effective area to create length because then it sits on your body and does not move.  It’s the crown that needs to be longer so the hair moves long or short.

Hair should always be longer in the crown or be the longest there to avoid the parting of your hair in the back of the head or in the crown, especially if your color is 3 weeks old! VERY VERY AGING!

Use plant oils to lubricate the strand to make it shiny, flexible and movable. Get over ‘my hair is too flat’ syndrome. Flat hair is so much more youthful! Plant oils replace all the fat you are missing in your diet because you are perpetually losing weight all the time or on a low fat diet that contains sugar which dulls and thins the hair.

Get over the ombre and the starlet do’s of smooth tops and curl on the bottom, unless you are blowing your forehead up with BOTOX creating ET with the pointed chin…this hair style is the most unflattering look that has been bought and sold to the public. It communicates greasy roots and dry ends. Yes Uh huh, I always wanted that look!

Especially because it makes me so Miss Piggy!

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