How Do I Make My Hair Look Pretty?

Glamorous long hairCOMPLETE your look with finished DRESSED UP hair, If you are living the fashion look of today,  you have a HAIRDRESSER who keeps you looking glamorous. Or maybe you need a quick study in how you are going to pull it together?

Glamorous hair has a finished polished look of rounded ends or let’s say S or $ look. The roots lift off the scalp and the end is a C a master C with the end up…we always want to end our day up, just like the stock market and yes in your hair.

Do you have lots of natural curls and frizzies? Soften and add glamour by roping your hair with a hair balm to natural dry and then comb with your fingers when dry. You can also use hot rollers and rope dry hair around the roller for a more modern finish.

Your luxe adventure would be to visit a Blow Dry Salon and have your hair professionally blown dry. A good blow dry styling can last you for days and give you that Hollywood starlet look gracing the red carpet.

If you have the fine hair of the kings wife, it maybe time for a style change, a permanent wave or a set to give your hair volume, shine and holding power that will rival the glamour girls. Sets hold the hair longer and allow more time between shampoos. Blow drying and repeated round brushing of the strands can stimulate oil flow and flatten fine hair more. Wet sets on plastic or brush rollers are recommended. Velcro only works if the hair is very smooth and straight and is not recommended for hair that has been chemically treated or curly as it may leave a frizzy edge.


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