Woman of Beauty

We present Nicole Wysocki, present day fine artist & business owner of JNS Diamond Imports.  Where in her artistry, come masterpieces offering the paradox of spiritual and worldly possessions in the genres of paint, printmaking, foundry and sculpturing.  Nicole also expresses her artistry as a jewelry designer where she uniquely works with customers to create the piece they are looking for.  As a wholesale diamond dealer and a certified gemologist,  Diamonds  have always been her best friends!

Nicole feels the most alive when she is by the sea, being creative, traveling and finding unique stones for her customers.  “I appreciate how I becomes a part of people’s lives when I work with them, whether jewelry or art, I become part of their legacy and we stay connected. It’s an intimate connection I get to have with others.”

Nicole is happily  married to Scott, who also leads his own company in another industry.  Nicole acknowledges and appreciates  Scott for making her laugh, and his down to earth way of being, “he’s real and he loves me”.

Nicole has a desire to grow and develop her business as a training ground for woman who would like to develop their business skills.

Nicole’s  hair  regimen includes Appreciation, Kindness and Love Yourself Conditioner.  ‘Appreciation is the most amazing product as it  makes my hair rich and silky, healthy and alive.’   Nicole is Greek and she has got some massive curly hair!  She goes on to say, ”  I’ve known BeverlyD for years, as my friend and  I was there the day she decided to do the product line.  She never pushed the product on me.  I finally asked to use the shampoo and conditioner and it made my hair calmer, healthy and lighter and when I told her that she hugged me and I have been using it ever since.  And my husband loves her Men’s Grooming Bar, to shampoo his hair .”

Nicole cleanses, moisturizes, uses night cream, eye cream as her facial discipline  and Appreciation once a week on her hair.  She also uses Collaboration on her elbows, knees and legs weekly.  ‘Exercise and eating healthy is important.  My background  belief is healthy mind,  healthy body.’

“You always have to learn and grow, be open to learning,  I love to learn about different cultures and I love adventure.” I think it’s safe to say  Nicole is a natural born curiositer!

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