BeverlyD Entrepreneur School Schedule Update

Talk and Sell with BeverlyD

How to Talk and Sell to Customers—
A one-day workshop guaranteed to put stylists on the path to higher income!

  • Do you want to increase sales 30% without increasing expenses?
  • Discover why customers are purchasing products elsewhere!
  • Do you want to create customer loyalty, trust and raving fans?

“How to Talk and Sell to Customers” is a one-day workshop that turns stylists from dependent employees into interdependent, top-selling business partners. Join BeverlyD as she shares in person the tools that have kept her in the top ranks of retail sales margins in the salon business nationwide.

“How to Talk and Sell to Customers” gives stylists proven tools that will help them uncover customers’ needs and influence their clients to purchase retail products for hair.Do you know that the single greatest roadblock to a stylist’s ability to make more money is an inability to put the spotlight on the customer?

BeverlyD will teach you how to get past the gossip, take control of the conversation, and put your attention on the person sitting in your chair.

Use these methods to push past the awkward silence, the uneasiness that accompanies not knowing the perfect script, the perfect answer, the perfect close to sell product. Learn “How to Talk and Sell to your Customer” and your sales and personal income are guaranteed to grow!

Starting in the 70’s with her haircutting salons, BeverlyD utilized unique communication strategies boosting retail sales to 20% of gross sales. Today her retail sales are a record 40% of gross sales! Aveda has made her the recipient of numerous distinguished retail awards, and now BeverlyD offers the secrets of her success in a one-day workshop that will help you reap the benefits of increased revenue and create raving, loyal fans in the process.

Workshops are held on Mondays from 10-3 ~ Advanced registration is required
$50 tuition includes paid in advance credited towards wholesale purchase

Join us to find out more about BeverlyD Entrepreneur School – the learning organization that takes you from being merely professional to totally outrageous entrepreneur!


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