Fall Into Prosperity: Glamour Is Back


Glamorous image from WSJ Magazine September issue

Browsing the fall issues of fashion magazines and even WSJ Magazine, the trend seems so similar to that of 80’s pass. The over the top, opulent, excessive over done fullness of hair, overcoats and multi layers of fabrics. A vast tapestry of textures, colors and richness that denotes life as the oligarchy is good.It has this more-is-better feel again, and the body is being covered head to toe with more fabric, more jewels. more accessories . It’s time to look prosperous again according to the fashion business this fall and employing colors of red lipsticks, warm rich colors, the red violets, and camel. Glamour is back big time.Even those who have moved green, organic, local are exhibiting there opulence by paying premium prices for the privilege. The transformational year of 2012 with its  design is cleaning up and the desire for more natural, more local, more organic, more sustainable is required by the new regime of the nouveau riche as practiced in the summer of the Hamptons.Hair is riding that wave to compliment the opulence with a return to service in the beauty salon. Styling is in and you can see it with the ‘pop-ups’ of Blow Dry Salons across the country.

Sleek Bangs are in styleWith the combinations of textures exploding in fashion and on our body, it is important now to balance that with smooth sophisticated glamorous hair. Even Rachel Zoe has her hair nicely finished with bangs at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Gone is the flat crown, textured locks with fish hook ends that accompanied your haute hippie look of jeans vests and t-shirts.


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