Woman Of Beauty Kesha Rogers

Kesha Rogers for Congress!  Yes that sign is posted in the 22nd Congressional District in Texas and our featured Woman of Beauty.  Kesha is Leadership!  She is shaking up the Democratic party in Texas with her second run for US House of Representatives.

Kesha Rogers

Kesha’s approach to running for office looks quite different than other candidates.  She campaigns with education.  Informed voters are learning the value of a NASA space program,  solutions to our economics stress namely reenacting the Glass Steagall Act and principal center leadership with additional programs to create jobs for America, enabling some 4 million with the NAWAPA Water Project.   Kesha believes in educating population on cultural changes with classical science, arts and music.

Kesha is married to Ian, who is her campaign manager and aligned  in a common mission of bringing greater good to mankind. Her pastimes include singing  mezzo soprano in style of Bel Canto and she sings regularly with a chorus. Kesha has a great curiosity for history and her favorite people of late is Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln and John Quincy Adams.  Kesha and her  husband enjoy traveling to historical sites and recently visited  Boston museums, Plymouth Rock and the home of John Quincy Adams.

What is leadership to Kesha?

“Never compromising your principles.  We need to be loyal to principles for our citizens  and abide by the constitutional laws that were set forth by our founders. Political leaders should be loyal to the nation, not to a party.  I want to  bring back the traditions and values of Roosevelt and Kennedy.  Kennedy created the moon mission and our people need a mission to get inspired like the Curiosity Mission to populate Mars. “

Kesha’s hair regimen includes a daily dose of Appreciation to hold her hair between shampoos.  With chemically relaxed hair she also receives a weekly application of Collaboration Hair & Body Treatment before her shampoo to further deep condition her hair and uses BeverlyD  Shampoo and Conditioner.

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