Leadership Looks Conservative

Beautiful PonytailNo matter who is elected president this November, or whoever is elected for Congress, Senate and localities, we all share  a responsibility to lead our own lives , following the laws governed by the state.  We have chosen these laws to protect and keep order to the growth and development of our community.  Laws or rules are created to domesticate people to create order and peace, to have us fall in line so to speak.

This reality is the same philosophy we approach when it comes to hair and specifically hair color.  There are laws that govern the safety, health and success of desired look, especially when it comes to attaining natural color.  Choosing the correct colors to create a natural looking color involves a careful choice of complimentary color to achieve the most real or natural look.  It is a good idea to look at more than what you want, but also what is the eye color and skin tone and distinguish that before choosing the complimentary colors to use.

When you know and follow the rules of color, your hair will have a shine or glow, your skin will look smooth and more porcelain and  your eyes will be more apparent or brighter.  These are the three  tests all color services should pass before you leave the salon.

The trend  this season seems to be going conservative to complement of brightness and texture of color palettes.


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