Season’s Greetings from BeverlyD – Making Your Holidays Count!

Making Your Holidays Count

BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care is not only about organic hair and beauty, but also living and loving the life of your dreams. When you live and love the life of your dreams, it brightens the lives of everyone around you. You truly can have the life you’ve always wanted.
As New Year’s Eve approaches, it’s not too soon to think again about what changes you would like to make, and what you are no longer willing to put up with. What you do during the holiday season helps create your coming year. Are you traveling, reconnecting, setting goals, and showing appreciation to yourself and others? This season, think again about what you want, start setting those new goals, and get ready to make a change for the better. Season’s Greetings!

First Eco Salon

We are pleased to announce our first BeverlyD “Eco Salon” location, in Houston, at K Renee Salon & Spa at 3100 Timmons. Here, trained staff provide a private environment of health, eco consciousness, and organic beauty. In 2013, we will open additional Eco Salon locations in Austin, New Braunfels, San Antonio, and Dallas.
K Renee Salon & Spa, 3100 Timmons, Houston TX 77027. Call 713 622 6444 for an appointment.

Opportunities for 2013

At BeverlyD we want to take women into visioning what an ideal life would look like, so we are creating photo shoots for women to embody and feel into their fantasies of perfect lives. Use this opportunity to create a vision board for your coming year and to take action.
Entrepreneurs: If you would like coaching to improve business and lifestyle, contact for workshops, seminars, goal setting, and private coaching information. Live the life you always wanted.
This is the time for miracles and magic!
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About BeverlyD

Alive Playful Sensual Hair, Lifestyle and Being, that's what BeverlyD can promise you. If you want to learn how to create more aliveness and vitality in your life and look it, follow her. We offer events, personal consultations and coaching, just call 6462625689 or email

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