My BeverlyD hair experience

My BeverlyD hair experience

Everyone can have an amazing aromatherapy session in their shower every day! That’s what I do with BeverlyD products. Ever since I have started using them, that’s what I notice. I think it’s because they are so natural that I can actually smell the honey in the shampoo instead of harsh synthetic ingredients! When I put these products in my hair I notice a sense of caring for myself that I had not felt before. I feel trust. My hair is getting an ultra-luscious treatment every day. I have noticed a difference in how my hair looks and feels. It’s shinier and lighter with more volume! This had never happened before with any other product.

I met BeverlyD a year ago in December 2011. She is quite an entertainer! I loved her shiny hair and I asked her about her products. She has been my hairstylist ever since and my hair has transformed from my roots to the ends. I noticed the change immediately. My hair is not breaking like it did with other shampoos and conditioners. These products really got all the synthetic chemicals out of the previous products I was using. Everyone can tell the difference. I have even received complements from strangers telling me how good my hair looks! I am a communications coach and it is very important for me to have a good image while coaching and training people. I also have a dance group for women called FREE TO DANCE. The whole theme of the dance group is for women to get back to their feminine vibration. My hair needs to look beautiful and free every time I present myself in front of my clients and the BeverlyD line of products is taking care of that.

The BeverlyD philosophy is in my heart too. The fact that she uses wonderful words to brand her products is such an innovative idea. Every time I pick up my shampoo and read “Kindness” or my detangling conditioner and read “Love yourself”, it takes me to a higher level of aliveness. It’s like I am putting on these attributes every morning to be ready for my day! These are great reminders.

Since I am a communications coach, I will put in my 2 cents on how these two words transform human behaviors. Kindness is the opposite of “caring”. Once I found out the difference I felt a sense of relief in my whole body. I can be kind and I don’t have to “care”. I can be kind with people and not have to please them if I don’t want to do what they are asking for. I can kindly decline and go on about my day following my curiosity. When you do something that you don’t really want to do and you are doing it because “it’s the right thing to do”, it lowers your energy. There is no real sense of satisfaction. We came here to earth to enjoy life, not to fulfill anybody else’s life. It’s a discipline to follow one’s own curiosity. There is a lot of voices and influences coming from everywhere. Now I am not saying that you don’t please people. All I am saying is to watch and protect your own energy just so you can have energy at the end of the day and the week. Obviously this is linked with the “Love yourself” theme of the detangling conditioner. When you make sure to take care of your needs, you are able to love yourself and feel good. When you are not feeling good it’s because you have a need and a need is a distraction. It distracts you from the present moment. Maybe it’s a need for a nice cup of coffee with a friend, a nap, a massage, a small break, some inspiration, a fun night out etc… I invite everyone to be kind and get what they need!!


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