Noella’s Hair Story

Hi, I’m Noella from The Shakti Bliss and my hair has been in a bun for the past 6 months.

"The Bun"

“The Bun”

It’s been an incredible year for me.  I did a lengthy live food detox which opened up the doors for tremendous physical and spiritual healing for me.  However, the detox process was unusually hard on my hair.  Frizziness and dryness are to be expected with naturally curly African American hair, but those issues became even more pronounced as my body went through the healing process, so I threw my hair up in “The Bun” and there it stayed.

Recently, I’d had enough, and sent out a request to the kind and wise universe to send me a miracle.  Miraculously, along came an amazing woman named BeverlyD and her line of all-natural organic hair products.  I told her about my hair woes and she invited me to try her product.  She explained that though I was eating more natural, healthy foods, I was still using products which contained harsh chemicals to care for my hair, which was only adding to the problem.  She also gave me an extensive consultation and provided a personalized hair care plan to help me use the product in a way that would perfectly compliment my hair type.

noella after

Out of “The Bun”

I’ve been using BeverlyD Kindness Shampoo, Love Yourself Conditioner, Appreciation and Hair Balm.  It’s only been a week and I’m thrilled to say that I’ve noticed an incredible difference in my hair.  The frizz has declined considerably, my curls are more defined and my hair is touchable–no longer matted and dry.  Best of all, it’s out of the bun!  I’m excited to continue using this product and see how my hair continues to improve!



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Hi! I’m Noella, Co-Creator at The Shakti Bliss :) Welcome to one of my corners of the universe, a safe and vibrant space where I share insights on healing and authentic living, articles on earth changes and spirituality, musings on multidimensionality and more. I am excited and grateful to have you join me here!

3 thoughts on “Noella’s Hair Story

  1. Wow, dearest Noella,
    I am thrilled to see your beauty shining even more, now that your hair is getting healed!
    What a beauty picture! Gorgeous!
    Love from Germany, where I am enjoying my hair getting healthier, happier and fuller since BeverlyD has found the right natural hair color for me!

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