Inspired from the 80’s

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

As I review Vogue and Elle for February, I am seeing a collaboration of the 80’s and now. Elle did a fashion layout of whites with soft tones of grey in the background and an almost fuchsia or red violet gown. Fuchsia was a big color in the 80’s for hair, lips and accessories. Vogue did a collection of white gowns and the hair styles were up do’s with soft spiky edges. Spiky haircuts with either gelled tips or a replication of animal fur dominated the fashion scape while Blondie and the Go-Go‘s got the beat. My favorite pick at the Golden Globe Awards also had the 80’s flavor with Julianne Hough with slick sides and high top and kicked out back, a sort of Mohawk.

So now is the time to reinvent your current do… black and white is coming on strong for spring, eminent from the 80’s. If you choose to upgrade or want to instill a new feeling into your bob, short haircut or long hair, consider raising the crown and tightening the sides. Introduce stronger color into the mix. Collaborating the fun funky touches of the eighties with the current way you are wearing your hair will result in your new modern fashion look today.

Photo courtesy People Style Watch

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