Why did I start and create a product line for hair

With so many product lines out there, why would I want to compete with them?

I began to look at what I wanted first for me, for my body, for my hair, for my well being. I was not satisfied with my hair. It still looked dull and damaged sometime. The only way it was alive was when I bleached it out completely and it was clean and shiny. I found products were polluting my hair and dulling it. And I was using a so called natural product, that I was selling for years and turning many people onto. And it still wasn’t cutting it.

I wanted to find a way to clean and style hair and have it be clean, smooth and touchable. The kind of hair you want to run your hands through. A unique, safe and healthy system of hair care. I had just healed my body from many ailments utilizing Living Foods and I thought if this can happen with food why couldn’t I do this with hair and skin.

My first approach was skincare and I actually used skin care on my hair for a while and it wasn’t bad ,but it was private labeled manufactured product and still dirty. So it took me 3 times and on the fourth I found a woman who was on the plant and food track.

I wanted a product that visibly changed the hair that healed it from the inside out, like I healed my body. A product composed of organic plant and food materials that can rejuvenate and regenerate hair because I believe it can.

Many marketing and technology innovations occur everyday for the beauty business, and they are just that, marketing and technology. Why would you want to nano plastic substances…so they can now go into your scalp and skin. Scary! So we want to mannequin-ize our bodies, I don’t think so. This is actually happening and creating more pollution. And marketing, do you know that more money is spent on marketing and advertising to convince you to buy a product that you don’t even want , then on the actual production of a product. So guess what you are paying for…a celebrity!

I believe we can have food and plant ingredients and they can be effective and I am working to create this everyday. Chemicals and artificial substances are not necessary for beauty to occur. I have done it and YOU can do it.
Follow me and I will lead you into the safe kingdom of honoring you as a human being, and planet Mother Earth. No get rich schemes, no pyramids, just recommending and experiencing a great product through Beauty Craftsman or at BeverlyD Appreciation Hair Events and Parties.

Join my revolution of Alive Playful Healthy for you, the planet, and the entire human race.

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