Are we blushing?

camelliaMarching forth as the warming winds move the dry, deadness of nature to make room for the unveiling of renewal about to begin this month…

As I drove to Hot Springs through northeast Texas, the greening had begun and in Houston pinkness has been popping out everywhere as if landscape were blushing.

Human beings can take this cue and begin their process by doing a little cleansing in preparation of your Spring look of renewal. How can you freshen up? If a makeover is not in the cards for you, sometimes just a deep cleansing of skin, hair, and maybe some internal cleansing with a fast. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you could clean up your eyebrows, which totally could freshen up your look. Get a facial peel to remove all dead skin cells and get the glow. Internalize the glow by eating raw living food in which the living enzymes can further scrub your skin and cleanse your cells.

Get your car detailed, or better yet wash your windows in your house and car: that really brings clarity. Sometimes just going through your closet or a drawer, just one drawer is enough to put more awareness and consciousness in your life. It’s all about feeling  everything is brand new again and you can have it, anytime, any day,  just by stopping and cleaning something.

How do you like to Clarify?  Cleanse? Become brand new?  Please share your ideas in comments!

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