Confronted by organic and green

BeverlyD Luxe  Organic Plant Soap Lemon Lime Sea SaltIt all sounds so clichéd and the words of the moment that the critical mass is starting to embrace. I have always chosen to be healthier and conscious and kind to all human beings, animals and plants.  Every thing has a spirit and an energetic constitution and that is what I honor.

So watch the labels “green” and “organic”…they are marketing labels now and really have lost their value. Stay awake to the changing values and missions of companies because they change to accommodate their bottom line. Ultimately the question to ask yourself is, do I feel better when I use this product energetically and does it improve my hair vitality? Judge for yourself and decide if it works for you.

Take off operating on AUTOMATIC and start becoming aware of what is actually changing or happening when you use this product.

What does renewal have to do with green? Everyone thinks it means you’re talking about reducing your carbon footprint, but to me, green is healthy. What’s healthy for the earth, and what’s healthy for the environment, what’s healthy for your body. What can we do? What’s the answer? It’s really about cleaning up the earth, but if we clean up our bodies, that will clean up the earth. If we treat our bodies with whole nutrients, reduce the toxins we ingest, put on our skin and hair, that will make a big difference in cleaning up the earth.

If you are eating meat, grass fed beef is better for the environment (all fields used to grow corn for the cows can be used for fruits and vegetables or left as forestry) and it’s better for you. Beef is meant to be a lean meat. Cows digestive systems were not intended to assimilate anything but grass. Grass has more nutrients and, thus, when we eat grass-fed beef, we’re getting more vitamins and minerals too.

What we’re putting down the drain is also really important. There’s a big focus on cleaning up our water right now. Purifying our water is really important. That would also reduce all the plastic water bottles.

Going green is going back to a sense of community. Buying local. Renewing our relationships, our sense of health, and a renewed respect for the earth. Green is really about getting back to the way we were – actually moving away from globalization.

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