You’re Perfect

You're Perfect

So this happened on Friday.  I stood on a busy street corner in Houston and helped celebrate a friend’s birthday by holding up a “You’re Perfect” sign.  It was an amazing, exhilarating experience, with emotions ranging from fear and discomfort to unbelievable joy.  By the time we were through two and a half hours later, we’d gotten more happy honks, waves, and yells of “So are you!”  than we’d expected.  What a rush!

Since then, in the past two days, I’ve received more bonuses in my own life than I can count, including large, anonymous tips and a free massage. I even had  a police officer turn on his loud speaker during my morning walk to say, “Good morning, beautiful!”  When you give love, you get love.

(Also:  My hair is back in the bun in this picture because, unfortunately, I ran out of my BeverlyD Conditioner and wasn’t able to restock for a few days.  Amazing how going back to the regular stuff for just a short time immediately began to dry out my hair again!  Back on the good stuff again, thank God!)


Noella from The Shakti Bliss


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