Vogue's Punk (Vogue.com)

Vogue’s Punk (Vogue.com)

It was creative, odd, innovative and so alluring and a little dirty. Yes as a stylist who reigned in the 80’s and coiffed some of the most outstanding outlandish hair creations on a commercial clientele in Houston, it was little bit rough. We textured everything and colored it. Both were making an impact with ELNET aerosol hair lacquer and AVEDA Clarifying Treatment to strip buildup and then Aveda had colored hairsprays that toned and spiked that hair to kingdom come.


How do we address today’s needs of 80’s flavored 21st century hair? Subtlety…change your tone by adding a fruit juice re: orange, peach, mango, cranberry, blueberry, food colorings are great and be careful they are artificially derived versions, pomegranate, herbal tea like Rooibos or passion tea. Coffee can be used to smoke the color and drab it. Henna would be awesome and more permanent. Add to BeverlyD Luxe Organic Detangling Conditioner to change the conditioner to a color conditioner. If you want more dramatic effect apply to dry hair. Leave on 5 -20 minutes.

Emma Stone (RealBeauty.com)

Emma Stone (RealBeauty.com)

My favorite color is rose peach hair and it actually is easy to do,  just find orange juice and mix in your conditioner. A great color I wore in the 80’s, whenever I got tired of being a blonde. Emma Stone has been featured with that color and it just wants me to do it all over again. FYI… I also was black, black & white, white, royal blue, orange, pink and yellow.

Now it’s a subtle thing, perhaps a hair extension color piece, or tint a streak of your blonde highlighted hair with the above recipe. Or just go for it and bleach out your hair and tone it to your heart’s content. Using food materials and a white conditioner can make a HUGE statement in SUBTLETY!

If you still like your do to be, big, spiky and textured and a little rough….Playfulness Styling Spray is so punking pollution with the plant carbohydrate tree resin, no buildup, no alcohol and so great at volumizing roots, creating spiky tips, supporting scrunching…remember scrunching,  so street wise!

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