I AMerican DREAM girl

american-vogue-june-2013-coverI am going to express a counter-intelligence to the VOGUE magazine cover title articles, American Dream Girl and What Women Want, this month.

The magazine really lives in a different world, even for my affluent clients who can afford this stuff. I would think with all that money they would want to choose a healthier alternative to hair, skin, body and fashion. On one side, it is getting more and more expensive to really do the clean thing now and on the other it can be the most efficient, cost-effective and safe way to achieve true beauty. Good products and services with less toxic substances come with a high price tag.

Consider The Hamptons on Long Island, where many elite have summer homes. You will not find mass farming, spraying, pesticides, and industry there, only pure wholesome goodness that every AMERICAN DREAM GIRL desires. Fresh farm-raised food, wild-caught fish from the shores of Long Island, raw cheeses from the local farmers in Watermill. This place so reminds of the way I grew up and it still exists today in the luxury rural areas with a very HIGH price tag. Yet the people who vacation here are the very people who promote the pollution, media, marketing of the facade that everything is wonderful and we have it cheaper for you because we make it in China, or because plant oils are too expensive and unreliable so let’s use a synthetic oil in your beauty products. And this product looks so impressive and stylish in this silver aluminum can. All superficial, make me look good, as cheap as you can solutions.

I dream one day we get to return to the purity of clean original product, seeds, food, land, water and air. I AM the AMERICAN DREAM girl and I live the dream and want to encourage all people to live your dream.

-Image: Vogue.com

What Women Want

what women want video title thumb

What Women Want Video CLICK to VIEW

What women want, what women do
Not always the same, baby you know that’s true
What women want, what women do
Are you looking for a change
Try something new

-Video: BeverlyD

Appreciation Summer Tip!

appreciation video short title screen

Appreciation Promotional Video CLICK to VIEW

SUMMER’s Casual Glamour

Summer always stirs up the Playfulness inside of me so I really like to go for the looks of Bridgett Bardot, the sixties sex kitten, and Kate Upton’s look, as featured on the Vogue cover above.

Here are 8 ways to be now to raise the summer dream spirit:

  • Let your hair be with all volume, messy, full, run your hands through that hair…Be Fluffy
  • Slick it smooth with Appreciation Balancing Treatment, knot it, apply big sunglasses and red lipstick. God Bless America!
  • Eyelash & brow dye, pale pink lipstick, scarf on tangled hair…circa 1984 Madonna
  • Tan legs, short skirts, flip flops, big Playfulness Styling Spray hair…Shopping Anyone!
  • Silver Luxury Margarita, Don Julio Silver with fresh squeezed organic lime juice, agave nectar shaken with a Himalayan sea salt rim…Happiness and no chemicals or negative sugars
  • Discover yourself again and Find Your True Calling
  • Attend a wedding and reacquaint yourself with real dancing again
  • Eat fresh clean food: melons, berries, lettuces, cucumbers, field tomatoes, sugar peas

-Video: BeverlyD


playfullness 1It is a happy talent to know how to play.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Attracting your true love may be easier when you learn playfulness. Keeping it light and fun, and focusing on a common goal, creates a fluid flow of communication and allows for each person to learn more about each other, perhaps resulting in a happily ever after.
-Be Hair Now… Transforming doing to being… BeverlyD

-Image: Pacesetter.me

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