Traveling Fat Movement

country roadOn the road for two weeks – Houston to Conroe to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a dip in the pools; then Hot Springs to Chicago, Illinois to stop at the Lakefront and walk along Lake Michigan; then to Green Bay, Wisconsin’s Lambeau Field (the Packers!); then to Milwaukee for a Hair Party event called Affirm Your Beauty with Molly White; then 4 more days in Chicago to train workshops on Chemical Free Health & Beauty and Find Your True Calling; then a two day drive home thru St Louis, Missouri and Hot Springs. So glad I missed 107 degrees in Houston!

I want to share something I saw.

Movement creates energy, energy creates light heart, light heart creates bright eyes, and bright eyes are beauty …ever hear the saying any action is better than no action …it always brings something forward whether it worked or didn’t work, it just got you to your next step. Action lights me up meaning my eyes get brighter, my heart is warm and I spring into more action. I delight and accomplish so much prior to traveling. Projects that sit for months get complete, bills get paid, laundry get done, house is cleaned, tasks for team are outlined, all in record time.


Staying Healthy While Traveling

The Kitchen Beautician Logo 260x260Check this post at The Kitchen Beautician.

-Image: The Kitchen Beautician







kindness play funKindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. –Lao Tzu

We can do all the right things we want, taking the right vitamins, exercising, maintaining our body, but there’s also this aspect of alive, playful, sensual in how you live your life. It’s about being happy. When you’re happy, you’re healthy. When you’re in your light or in your happiness, talent, gift – and you can do that as much as you like – that is what will create aliveness in your body.
-Be Hair Now… Transforming doing to being… BeverlyD


Chemical Free Health & Beauty Workshop

beverlyd carly smith photo collageDid you know?… fat is a beauty Ingredient!

Learn revolutionary new diet and beauty information to get you back to your true fit and beautiful self, and with a lot less work out in body and hair!

Find your hidden natural beauty and remove layers of artificiality and ego based lifestyle and cultural choices. Join BeverlyD, creator of Luxe Organic Hair Products, and Dr. Carly Smith, Author, Chiropractor and Wellness Coach, for an entertaining and enlightening workshop on the benefits of living a chemical free lifestyle.


Recently held this June in Chicago, we are now bringing the Chemical Free Health & Beauty Workshop to Texas! Come meet Dr. Carly Smith and BeverlyD, and bring your friends, husbands, boyfriends. Get good information on a lifestyle alternative to the media and marketing crush. Real food, real beauty from two very real women.


The free Houston Preview will be on Tuesday, July 23rd from 7:30-8:30PM at BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair at K Renee Salon, 3100 Timmons Lane, Houston TX 77027.

The Houston Class will be on Wednesday, July 24th from 6:00-9:00PM; cost is $59.00 at a location to be disclosed at the preview. RSVP 866 692 2939


The free Austin Preview well be on Sunday, July 21st from 2:00-3:00PM (for those attending the BeverlyD Hair Party, services will resume at 3PM) at 1000 Liberty Park Drive, Austin TX 78746 in the Club House. Parking is available along Liberty Park Drive (email Cate Gardner for directions at: RSVP 866 692 2939

The Austin Class will be held on Thursday, July 25th from 6:00-9:00PM; cost is $59.00 at a location to be disclosed at the preview

Special Offer

BeverlyD KINDNESS Organic Hair ShampooThis month’s special offer features Kindness Shampoo and Love Yourself Detangling Conditioner, available in 8 ounce sizes from online. Save even more by ordering them in 32 ounce sizes by our toll-free phone at 866-692-2939!

Kindness Shampoo
8oz. for only $27 and shipping;
32oz. for only $80 and shipping (phone orders only)

Love Yourself Detangling Conditioner
8oz. for only $29 and shipping
32oz. for only $88 and shipping (phone orders only)

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