Playfulness or Disaster

flowerPlayfulness or Disaster

Playful because… story time is entertaining, educational and playful. Some of the best entertainers are the best jokers / story tellers…think Carrie Bradshaw, Wayne Dyer, Arianna Huffington, Bill Maher…you get the picture. Sorry to bring politics into this, but on the other hand, how playful is that? Disaster because… it’s a fight all the time… competition, struggle, right, wrong, fight.

OK, on to my story…I was following my 80’s playful thread, as I have been writing about all year. I decided to buy and use an industry PETROLEUM PRODUCT… HAIR SPRAY, AEROSOL OF COURSE… to entertain a 21st century flavor. Lacquer sprays were so fun in the 80″s… creating spiky texture in short hair and creating that big volume hair of the 80’s.

So… in a small confined room… I began spraying the aerosol spray on a client and, yikes, I suddenly feel an immediate hit to my throat… all of sudden I feel sick. After the second client I sprayed, I began going downhill… had to move out of the room to spray and felt a shortness of breath. I finished my day to go home to prepare for a party but my throat kept nagging at me.

Well, that nagging led to two days in bed with the 2nd severest allergic reaction in my life… congestion and pain in my nasal, eye and ear passageways and throat irritation.

I remember my first such incident… the 70’s… petroleum hair spray… lots of it, dancing in a disco all night, sweating and having a ball in my starched, French Twist updo. I didn’t take a morning shower and afterwards itched my head for 5 hours in hot summer heat in a car while driving home a weekend away. I kept scratching and pulling up my green tube top, scratching, scratching my thighs as I was wearing shorts, scratching and touching my skin all the way home.

Back to my story… I decided to take a bath when I got home; now I am spreading all of that hairspray all over my body. By 8 pm that night I was itching away and asking all sorts of advice on how to stop it. Calamine lotion was the miracle, so I got that. But by 10 pm I was overcome now with hives and rash all over and I could not take it anymore. I went to the emergency room.

I got treated with medicine of some sort, but when I woke up the next morning, I looked like Herman Munster. My forehead looked just like Herman’s from the Munsters… or was it Lurch from The Addams Family? My eyes were all puffed up and closed and the back of my head, in the occipital area, was blown out like a ball. My throat, lips and nose were all swollen. I was stiff in my joints, with hives and rash. Who needed a Halloween costume? Not me… I was an actual monster.

I went back to the doctor, as something clearly hadn’t worked. I received another treatment and the doctor said, if I’d have waited another couple of hours, my throat could have closed up and my breathing could have stopped. Death Trap!

Our passage ways are so important. I went back to normal in two days and the doctor that served me did not recognize me when I walked back into his office. Hello, I don’t try to look like a walking dead person. And the final draw was when the doctor said we could run tests to see what I was allergic to… Hello, it was that HAIRSPRAY!

Now you can see why I am the spokesperson, advocate, and provider of a pure-plant-and-food-material-ingredients-only hair care product line! Let’s keep the petroleum in the car and off our bodies, shall we?  I want to play in a safe way. I choose plant derived ingredients every time.


BeverlyD On Tour!

The following dates are scheduled:

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playfulness finalPlayfulness

Work and play are the same. When you’re following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves.
-Shakti Gawain

Practice playfulness everyday someway somehow. A playful surprise question, a change in routine, wearing shoes that do not match, trying on something you would never wear, or go shopping with someone else and serve them. There are many ways to create playfulness, it just takes imagination and curiosity. It can add so much value to any relationship, project and vacation. Recreate your reality anytime, anyplace with playfulness.

playfulness video finalPlayfulness Styling Spray

Spray derived from tree resins to explode fine hair into it’s maximum fullness “better than any other,” say Kate and Juliana, loyal followers of Playfulness. Moves hair from straight or limp to bouncy glamorous curl. A big winner in dryer climates and fine European hair. Order now at our Amazon store. To play video click here.

appreciation finalAugust Product Specials

The way to Playfulness is through strong healthy smooth shiny hair, hair that moves with you! Take advantage of our package specials through the end of August.

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