Hair Health and Weight Loss

Weight loss, especially rapid weight loss from a restrictive diet, can cause major hair loss. Master hairdressers know without being told when their clients are dieting — just from the changes in the hair.  Dullness, lack of elasticity, thinning are tell tale signs of stress, stress on the internal body.

When you restrict on a diet or food plan some detoxing begins and that is why hair loss may show up.  This can  happen when you go to a nutritionist and he starts cleaning up your food intake and prescribes vitamins. And it is a particular organ that is stressing and causing the loss according to my experience.

Women on a very strict calorie-deprived diet will lose weight very quickly. But it’s hard to ensure they get the nutrients they need. Weight loss can also stress the body, which also contributes to hair loss.  Even if you lose weight very slowly on a doctor-approved program, you can still have associated hair loss.

It’s common to shed hair after losing 15 pounds or more. Be patient. If you’re healthy, your hair will come back after internal organs stabilize.

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