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Everyone loves Appreciation!

Appreciation™ Organic Formula by BeverlyD heals hair and scalp with a simple philosophy of healing from the inside out. All healing begins with treating the cause and balancing the environment for the scalp and follicle so that your hair will be young again. Compatible with all hair care regimens, Appreciation is the first step in your cleansing and conditioning process.
Appreciation Comes in Two Formulas:

• Fine hair formula balances oiliness, creates volume, cleanses more deeply

• Dry hair formula smoothes cuticle roughness and moisturizes deeply into the root of the follicle

Why Choose Appreciation:

• Finest and highest quality carrier and essential oils on the planet

• Formula that can be truly absorbed by the skin, hair & scalp with similar molecular structure as human sebum

• Repairs and prevents damages, calms frizzy/curly hair, moisturizes, and creates shine

• Multi-purpose: bath, hair, skin, mood; used as a bath oil, eye makeup remover, body lotion, shaving cream, chlorine protection

• Organic and Raw

• Sulfate free

• Made of pure plant extractions and essential oils all certified organic • Environmentally safe and eco friendly

• Paraben-free, Vegan, No Animal Testing
Detailed Application for Best Use:

Appreciation™ will bring a sense of calmness and clarity to you the moment you experience the aroma and massage into your hands. Aplying appreciation relaxes the body like “ahhh”. Acknowledge yourself for all the actions, insights, and gifts you have in your life. Apply 1-3 pumps (1 pump for fine, oily hair, and 3 for dry, frizzy hair) to hands and massage into hands first like a hand lotion, then apply to unwashed hair ends first, smoothing down the strand to repair cuticle and then use finger tips to massage into scalp and hairline to balance scalp environment and assist strength and growth. Do this at bedtime as it aids in relaxation and sleeping. The lavender essential oil calms and soothes your nervous system. Add more pumps if needed to extra dry frizzy hair. As an added evening ritual, using one drop removes eye make-up, and several drops on the wet skin to emulsify as a hyrating lotion. After application you are ready for the pool, ready for bed, or ready to shampoo and condition your hair for your alive, playful style.

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