O’ the BeverlyD Hair Extravaganza ‘Let’s Talk About Hair’ Oprah!


Step right up for some hair inspiring observations from BeverlyD, a true master in the hair business. I am taking a few of the articles from The Oprah Magazine, September Issue to see how I would guide people. Life according to the natural easy way of living and hair!


The revolutionary matrix is boring, cookie cutter. So if you want to join the flock and be a follower, the guide works. I am more inspired to have an in-depth interview and really find out what you want and what you are about. I want to create your dream of what you want. It is possible and I am interested in making things work and every challenge is welcome.


If you have a kinder, gentler flatiron, it will just take it longer to flatten and smooth your hair and the cost is $189. Stick with the hottest $100 or under iron you can get and use pure plant products like BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care to support the strength and integrity of the hair strand to keep your hair healthy. Let’s face it, we all have our vices we just have to learn how to balance. Appreciation is the best product on earth to balance the hair.


Many women are choosing their natural hair these days and you will run into conflicting textures or two textures of hair, or an artistic hairdresser: this is an opportunity to be creative and create a look that is original and you. This is also evident when you want to grow out color transitioning back to natural color. Hair is ART these days and two colors, two textures just makes it interesting. Your crowning glory can truly be your CROWN!


Find a great hair gel… this is number one on the Oprah list. BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Gel was recently released and is for women with textured hair, natural wave, color treated ends. This soft gel smooths and controls frizz in humidity. BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Gel Attention retails for $29, not available on Amazon. Call 646 262 5689 to order.

Notice the natural particles of flax and plant ingredients in the product

Notice the natural particles of flax and plant ingredients in the product



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