The Joy of Loss

What have you lost lately? Job? Relationship? Lover? Spiritual Leader? Weight? Summer Sun? Money? Your cell phone?

How does it assist us even when we lose or experience loss?

Instead of loss, or going away, why not distinguish, time to move on.
You are letting go,  creating movement.
When you are leaving or losing a job, it’s that incentive to move on. What’s next for you? What is my next opportunity for growth?
When someone leaves your life, what is the possibility for you now. I have thought and felt my father more since he’s gone, like I have an ongoing spiritual connection and conversation with my father, more connected because of those thoughts.
So hair loss….what can it mean? A message from the body? A message from the mind? Your soul talking to you?
Ancient texts of wisdom, reveal we only live or are connected to 1% of our reality. Maybe loss is the opportunity to look and see what we are not seeing. Then loss can be a gift!



Immediate application stops falling hair!

Immediate application stops falling hair!


If you are experiencing hair loss, Appreciation Organic Formula can retard the falling process by penetrating the follicle and hair on a cellular level.

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img-email-classgraphicAPPRECIATION FOR BRENÉ BROWN

Brené Brown, Houstonian and former BeverlyD client, is featured on this month’s Oprah Winfrey Network for her 6-week online course, The Gifts of Imperfection, based on her best-selling book. Way to go, Brené!


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