Being the Mover


Researchers are suggesting that billions of planets in our galaxy could sustain water and therefore life. But is water the source of life? Happiness and being? Perhaps it is just safe to say water is a good indicator of life…a great role model we can learn a lot from.


Take stagnant water for instance. When water stops moving and settles in a reservoir, things start to happen. As humans we know some of these things to be not so pleasant. Mosquitos reproduce. The water becomes an incubator for bacteria and parasites. Although this water wouldn’t be found in our cup of tea, is it not life this water is sustaining?


Whether water flows or stagnates, life persists. Water makes up approximately 60% of our adult bodies, the majority of our physical being. And as such, we KNOW, although sometimes we DON’T ACT on, what is good for us and what is not so much. Fresh water, the fountain of youth, the motion in the ocean; these things are always moving. Ideas don’t move unless you make them move. Think about it!          

What kind of water would you like in your glass? Stagnant or flowing? Perhaps water springing from the earth as it rotates on its axis. Both water and the earth carry energy. That’s energy we want in our bodies! Keep your blood flowing, keep the momentum, and keep your life.


The fat lady doesn’t stop singing with water. The air she breathes must also be fresh, crisp, nutritious, and moving. For those people bound by four walls, how are you breathing? Do you have a fan in your room? Does your air breathe life into your body? Challenge yourself and suck some wind.

The air you breathe and water you drink are just like your favorite flavors of ice cream. Try Arkansas, Wisconsin, or Oregon…Delicious!

How do we define the physical state of death? Not moving? Consider the atoms we are made from: protons, neutrons, and my favorite, electrons. These things never stop moving, acting, and reacting.

Your dead if you’re not moving, so be ALIVE PLAYFUL AND SENSUAL. And don’t forget to move those fingers through that hair!

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