HAIR NOW-Seven Devotions to Hair Enlivenment!

 Hair Now by BeverlyD

I present this book to wake us up to the reality of true aliveness.  Our culture inundates us with a monotone message of anesthesia; we are to follow, believe, and conform to subliminal messaging in the media that deluges our systems day in and day out. You are not enough!
I see how it has taken over the hair business. We are put into a cycle to manipulate beauty. We are invaded by thoughts that we are not pretty enough, rich enough, happy enough, straight enough, long enough, or curly enough. It never ends.

Perhaps we submit to these thoughts because we want to belong, to be in style now, and get caught up in what we have to do in order to achieve that. We expose our bodies and faces to chemicals, injecting, cutting, pulling,  stretching, and excessive exercising,  abusing ourselves to fight the notion that we are not enough. That original sin haunts.

I am here to offer
you a much easier alternative, one of health and  ease, one of honoring your personal beauty rather than someone else’s idea of beauty. I advocate the idea that you are inherently perfect, and that you need only follow laws of nature, the land, and the farm to cultivate your beauty. I began dressing hair at 10 years of age.  I have gone through every cycle the industry has provided, from the beginnings of the European style of salons, to the mass produced hair cutting machines found in shopping centers, to the concept salons of Aveda.

Now, I present my idea that what really matters is our desire to have what we want, to know that we are okay, that I like what I am, that I know what I am, that I believe in what I am. This sense of well- being comes not only from the physical aspects of our life, like using plants and natural foods to nourish our bodies, skin, hair, and health, but also from the spiritual aspects of life, those facets which comprise our happiness and our contact with other people.

Once we are happy with ourselves, we can build love with another individual. Appreciation, Kindness, and Generosity are just some of the tools you can use to build your inner light and beauty, and subsequently build the love between humans.  Ultimately, this is our journey on this planet and this is the path to world peace.  No matter how silly this may sound to highly intellectual people directing our schools and government, a relationship to love is what will end the wars in our environment and in our head.

Think of this book as your key to greater beauty, aliveness, and happiness. In each chapter, I speak to the spiritual and communicative aspects of our lives.  Learn about the tools of Appreciation, Kindness, Collaboration, Generosity, Yielding, Playfulness, and Attention. Practice them.

I wrote this book to remind you:

You’re beautiful, dammit! BeverlyD

To purchase, pay $30 for book and delivery to

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