Green Heart of Spring

Green is such an accepting, powerful color…the luck of the green, the limey greens of spring appearing in the south, the St Patrick’s parades of Chicago, New York etc. the GREEN movement.  How does all of this impact our body and energy?

Power color Green is the chakra color of the heart center…the mid section of your chest.

Chakras are aligned vertically.

The seven chakras are aligned vertically, starting at the base of the spine and ending at the top of the head. The concept of chakras comes from India. In Indian Sanskrit, it is spelled cakra, and is referred to as a wheel, circle, or vortex of energy within the human body.

Each of the seven chakra centers can become imbalanced in two different ways: too open, or too closed. Let’s explore one of the seven chakras, the heart chakra, as a way of describing the differences of a chakra in two different states of imbalance….

The Heart ChakraToo Closed: A person who’s heart chakra (4th chakra) is too closed may find themselves not relating well with others, feeling anger and animosity towards other people, and be disconnected from loving other people.

Too Open: A person who’s heart chakra is too open may find themselves overly sensitive to criticism and pain in the world around them. They may have a hard time relating to others because of the overflow of stimulation and emotions in their heart.

The Balance Point: The closed heart chakra isn’t feeling enough. The overly open heart chakra is feeling too much. There is a nice balance point where the heart chakra is open, and the person automatically feels love and shares love with others. The person feels connected to others and has healthy relationships and friendships.

Where are you in this scenario?  How can you balance?  I use this as a point of reference and I am a love coach of sorts presenting products and services into the world of beauty and hairdressing.  I firmly believe LOVE is the way for us to heal and be healed, to end war and create peace.

This is a time for self love and a time for pampering yourself to chase away the blues of winter and to blossom into spring!

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