Acknowledgement, Appreciation, Attention…the Antidote to the Blues!

Feeling low, blue  or depressed is a huge symptom of today’s society of fast pace, individuality, and machines doing everything for us.  Where is the human contact? Where are we rubbing up against each other, touching, hugging, and talking face to face.  Human connection is the most satifying way to increase oxyctocin the hormone of attraction.
Perhaps this is the flaw of our daily regimen,  a lack of connection to other people.  How did Robin Williams manage to commit suicide?  He had to find a place to do it ALONE. He had to take the time to plan it ALONE. He had all these feeling inside and shared it ALONE.
His death can be the wakeup call for all human beings to get on board and get connected.  Creating processes or habits to pay attention to each other. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, APPRECIATION AND ATTENTION can be experienced in the simplicity of a focused team meeting of who ever you are with.  Staying face to face and really getting what the other person is saying.  Acknowledging one self and the other brings an intimacy and closeness like no other.  Love becomes present.
Isn’t it time for us to start treating each other like you talk to your pet, or baby in that baby voice?  
Appreciation_ProductStill_hiRes-Start today with you and your partner, family, or peers and express three things you would like to be acknowledged for, then do the same for the others.  It’s kind of like the snaps in Legally Blonde only more actual and real.  Isn’t that what we want to be real and alive?

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