BeverlyD Cover Story in Hometown

Recently, BeverlyD was given front-page coverage in her hometown newspaper, Pulaski News, in Pulaski Wisconsin!

Thank you to Jenna Guernsey of Pulaski News for a well-written tribute to BeverlyD that truly embodies the theme that anyone can do anything, if they just set their mind to it!

Anything is Possible

Pulaski alumna Beverly Dombrowski proves that anything is possible. Coming from a town of 32 people, nine of which were family members, Dombrowski has now raised and impacted over 1,000 hairdressers, and managed and opened 44 salons. Dombrowski also has her own line of hair products, “BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care”. On top of that, she hosts workshops where she takes on roles such as “entrepreneur and lifestyle mentor”.


Pulaski News ArticlePulaski impacted her lifestyle in many ways. In high school, Dombrowski was a member of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and she even created her own club while a student at Pulaski High School called Pep Club. “There was my expression of getting something started,” said Dombrowski.


Growing up in and around the farming industry in Pulaski was the foundation of Dombrowski’s success. “Farming is a very entrepreneurial environment. A lot of my mentoring and coaching comes from those basic principles of farming,” she said.


Not only was she an active part in clubs in Pulaski, she also participated in Pulaski News. Her Pulaski News adviser, Bernard Olejniczak, taught her many lessons she still uses today; the main one being to write simple. “The Pulaski News gave me experience,” said Dombrowski. “Journalism is about saying what you see; it’s not opinion. Writing about what you see was the background training for me becoming a coach. That’s what I learned from the Pulaski News, reporting what actually happened,” said Dombrowski.


Dombrowski has done a variety of local celebrities’ hair in Texas, including Princess Margaret of Romania and Arianna Huffington. Dombrowski became close friends with Huffington, and this led her to becoming a blogger for the Huffington Post, and even attending Huffington’s wedding in New York. “I’m always writing to create a life where you don’t burn out; a life of vitality. That’s what I write about on the Huffington Post,” said Dombrowski.


The main class she hosts is “What to Do With the Rest of Your Life”. This workshop helps entrepreneurs come up with fun new business ideas that deliver value as well. Another workshop she hosted was “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, where women learn how to cooperate, look at what they desire, and really see how they want their life to turn out; they also put on a show that included singing and dancing to have some fun. “It creates memorable experiences that enliven people,” said Dombrowski. “Inspiring others to go for what they want in their lives, that is the thing I can be proud of.”


Hair Now by BeverlyDDombrowski’s book, “HAIR NOW ~ Seven Devotions for Hair Enlivenment”, shows her passion for the hair industry. “I’ve been writing in several ways for the last 15 years on a regular basis. I do a newsletter for my company monthly, so basically I took all the material from 15 years of writing,” said Dombrowski.


She then had someone organize all of the material, then she came up with the design and chapters of her book, which are named after her products. The first part of the chapters are about spirit, and the second is about hair. After hiring someone to edit, Dombrowski decided that she didn’t like the book and rewrote it all herself.


“This book is about spirit and hair. It’s about your energy and your life spirit,” said Dombrowski. “That’s what my book’s about, Enlivenment. Not just hair, but your life. How do you bring more energy and vitality into your life.”


Dombrowski has also had the opportunity to visit Germany many times and has a clientele there, as well. Visiting other countries helped her create a global client base from the organization Global Women Entrepreneur’s Network (GWEN).


“The essence of this organization is very simple; to do the things you love and find the pieces of your life puzzle and activate them. They are the pieces that make you feel loving and kind to others. Then, as a smart woman, turn those activities into a successful career,” wrote Dombrowski in a recent press release.


Dombrowski is returning to Germany this August for a conference with GWEN. She has released her book and hosted hair parties in Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, and Munich.


Dombrowski came from the small town of Pulaski, Wisconsin, and moved to the business capital of the world, New York City, for nine years and has worked tirelessly to accomplish her entrepreneurial goals. Her life is a true story that shows us that anything is possible. For more information on Dombrowski’s entrepreneur school, visit



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