Collaboration In Being

stop-stalling-beverlyd-luxe-organicDid you ever have a time when you knew that you needed to take an action and you kept on stalling?

Like you really wanted this for yourself, you were certain this was going to assist you in moving forward but you just didn’t have the discipline to do that?

That’s were I have been all year!  I had gained some weight over the last year and noticed some ailments in the body.  I knew it was time for me to do the Living Foods Program as this system has worked for me in the past.

But  I was stuck…I could not do it myself I knew I lack the discipline to get started.  So I decided to look for a retreat or spa to go to for a week or two.  It can be very difficult to leave my business but I decided in August I was going to take three weeks off and do it.

I went to work on a planned project in Dallas with Luz Delia Gerber.  Luz has just published a book and was starting her book tour to promote ‘Oh, My Body’.Luz-Delia-Gerber-ohmybody-book

In conjunction with her book launch we created a party for the Mary Kay women at at the Flagship store of Abi Ferrin, fashion designer.  It was a collaboration of a few businesses coming together to pamper our Mary Kay guests.

Luz was busy making ready and training Abi Ferrin’s team on the menu of living foods she was serving.  Luz and I, recently rekindled our relationship and spent time in hair, walks and preparing for our event.  Luz is also a friend of 30 years and has always been a fountain of well being.  In fact this is why we remain friends because of our shared vision of well-being for our planet.

Live-Foods-BeverlyD-Luxe-OrganicWhat I notice is that all of a sudden I am practicing the living foods program.  I just started on my own.  I mentioned to Luz of my dilemma of starting.  She was patience she listened she said some things and kept making it all right.  Well Monday I began.  And I am on my way!  I am so happy!

All that happened was my being with Luz, and Luz being with me.  The magic happened!  No forcing, no demanding, no goals, no doing, just pure being and the process began for me.

Where in your life can you experience Collaboration with being?

Together we can do so much!

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