“Experiment” From My Bathtub

I really started to notice that shampoo cleans too much. Let’s face it. Cleaning off fat cells is what shampooing does. But fine hair is skinny enough we don’t need to make it more skinny.

What I noticed is that the Appreciation for fine hair is really wax not oil. It’s like the sebum that is produced by our bodies.

We’ve all noticed that when hair is a little dirtier, it’s more obedient. That’s because of the sebum coating.

I’ve noticed when Generosity is used, it’s really thickening for the hair and creates denser hair.

So – I decided to experiment on myself – because what does Cole Porter say?

“Experiment – Make it your motto day and night
Experiment – It will lead you to the light.”

I’ve been taking lots of Epsom salt baths lately, but I don’t need to shampoo that often. I started applying appreciation on my hair and my hair was getting wet. So I started using Generosity instead of shampoo. I worked it in like shampoo, going from my scalp all the way to the ends.

 I noticed my hair wasn’t oily and it felt clean.  I did this over and over. I didn’t wash for 10 days.

And I must say – I have babe hair – sexy full hair!

Then I added another element to give more body. Generosity thickens hair, but fine hair is really soft. I added Attention all the way from the scalp to the ends. Then I finished with Complete Hair Balm.

So I’m adding more to fine hair to make it become babe hair, and not stripping it with too much shampoo.

The steps are:

1. Apply liquid plant wax – Appreciation Organic Infusion For Fine Hair.

2. Put on food and plant proteins, which add more density – Generosity Hair Masque.
3. Then for a styling option, add flax to give it crispness and texture – Attention Hair Gel.
4. Finish with a denser wax – Complete Hair Balm. This will enhance shine and thicken the hair without dulling.
Check out my before and after pictures:

My fine hair after shampoo but no conditioner

After Generosity Hair Masque application.

After hot rollers and Complete Hair Balm

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