The High Cost of Artificial Beauty


I just read this article in the Wall Street Journal (The High Price of Beauty – WSJ) and it is quite amazing what we will spend to look good! And then there is all the maintenance of facial work that comes into play, not to mention plastic surgery.

Do you really believe you have to do this? Do you really want to fit in so badly?  What happened to individuality and seeing beauty everywhere?

I assert that once we get an attitude adjustment, we can let go of all the “have to’s”  in our daily regimens. It is acceptance and being present to the moment that lets you see everything is perfect. It is the pressure and the pace of keeping up that is moving you to take these radical actions to fit in. When you can fit in this very moment and you are totally perfect.

So instead of crossing off a fast pace lifestyle to do list, how about stop and ask yourself what do I notice right now? It’s where you put your attention that gets the attention. You notice flaws, then you fix flaws; you notice beauty and you get beauty. Yes it’s that simple.



Rectangle block of lightened hair sits atop a natural color foundation for dramatic effect. Retouch roots every month or let it grow into ombre!


How to Naturally Cleanse Your Hair


An excerpt from HAIR NOW ~ Seven Devotions of Hair Enlivenment.

wash hairCleansing our hair becomes a gentler, easier process when we use organic, natural ingredients from the plant kingdom.

There is an energy that comes from the plant kingdom that makes us feel, or experience things more intensely.

Our hair and everything around us becomes softer, kinder, more natural.

This energy is like a spiritual vibration that grows out of our being kind to ourselves, and extends this kindness to our whole self, and even to other people.

It is not necessary to pressure the hair, the body, or the spirit into change. The goal is not to get healthy hair in a day. Restoring the hair takes time, as we are implementing a whole health system.

When we use organic plants and plant materials, we are not going to be cleansing as frequently as we would with synthetic, petroleum-based products that coat, wax, and polish the hair, and make it necessary to shampoo every naturally cleanse hairday.

Treating hair well and keeping it clean is not just about the grooming, or shampooing process. Cleansing occurs outside and inside, and also involves nutrition.  Oils cleanse from the outside, but we must also nurture the hair from the inside through the carefully selected nutrients we give it and the foods we eat every day.

There is a dirty little secret that shampoo companies do not want us to know. When we wash our hair with their nutrient-rich shampoos, most of the nutrients and active ingredients end up not in our hair, but down the drain, along with all the money that we spent on the product.

These shampoos are not molecularly structured to penetrate the cells of hair, especially not the tiny hair
follicles from where our hair actually grows. Instead, they sit atop the follicle and cuticle until we rinse them away.

To think about this another way: if you fertilize a plant, do you pour the fertilizer on the leaves?

Of course not. You pour the fertilizer on the roots and into the soil.

Our hair works basically the same way.

If we want to feed our hair correctly, we must treat it at the roots. Plant oils have varying molecular structures designed to penetrate the scalp and hair follicle so that a healthy, balanced environment is cultivated for hair growth.

Using a plant-based shampoo can make all the
difference for growing a beautiful and healthy head of hair.


BeverlyD KINDNESS Organic Hair ShampooWhat is a Good Shampoo?

Kindness ~ BeverlyD Luxe Organic Shampoo rocks as a superb cleanser and remover of buildup, dirt, styling products, and oils while cleansing and balancing the follicle in the scalp.

For some hair types it can stand alone as a total and complete, moisturizing, cleansing, de-tangling, and conditioning formula ready for styling, or natural drying.

When was the last time you showed a little Kindness to your hair?

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Vogue's Punk (

Vogue’s Punk (

It was creative, odd, innovative and so alluring and a little dirty. Yes as a stylist who reigned in the 80’s and coiffed some of the most outstanding outlandish hair creations on a commercial clientele in Houston, it was little bit rough. We textured everything and colored it. Both were making an impact with ELNET aerosol hair lacquer and AVEDA Clarifying Treatment to strip buildup and then Aveda had colored hairsprays that toned and spiked that hair to kingdom come.


How do we address today’s needs of 80’s flavored 21st century hair? Subtlety…change your tone by adding a fruit juice re: orange, peach, mango, cranberry, blueberry, food colorings are great and be careful they are artificially derived versions, pomegranate, herbal tea like Rooibos or passion tea. Coffee can be used to smoke the color and drab it. Henna would be awesome and more permanent. Add to BeverlyD Luxe Organic Detangling Conditioner to change the conditioner to a color conditioner. If you want more dramatic effect apply to dry hair. Leave on 5 -20 minutes.

Emma Stone (

Emma Stone (

My favorite color is rose peach hair and it actually is easy to do,  just find orange juice and mix in your conditioner. A great color I wore in the 80’s, whenever I got tired of being a blonde. Emma Stone has been featured with that color and it just wants me to do it all over again. FYI… I also was black, black & white, white, royal blue, orange, pink and yellow.

Now it’s a subtle thing, perhaps a hair extension color piece, or tint a streak of your blonde highlighted hair with the above recipe. Or just go for it and bleach out your hair and tone it to your heart’s content. Using food materials and a white conditioner can make a HUGE statement in SUBTLETY!

If you still like your do to be, big, spiky and textured and a little rough….Playfulness Styling Spray is so punking pollution with the plant carbohydrate tree resin, no buildup, no alcohol and so great at volumizing roots, creating spiky tips, supporting scrunching…remember scrunching,  so street wise!

Let the seeding begin

Seeding the hair for wave, curl and volume

Enjoying curl this spring and summer may be easier then you think. Your trusty flat iron and your fingers are the tools you can use to seed curl and wave in your hairstyle this summer. Just place your strand in a circle and then press with hot flat iron and you have wavy movable hair with more volume. Use BeverlyD Luxe Organic Styling Spray to add additional texture and hold power.

My Emily



Emily recently came to see me, distressed about her hair breaking off in the summer. It had grown in somewhat but still had varying lengths. Emily loves something new and was receptive to my ideas. So Emily got an asymmetrical bob with tight sides and high top. I cut the sides and back of her head with layers to create an elongated look. This worked best with blending in all her uneven hair breakage. Then for color I bleached the roots lighter and toned the whole head with red. The lighter roots created more light at the top and elongated the look even more adding to the 21st century punk romantic look.

This is a look that will rock your black and whites this spring. This look came not because I copied a photo or wanted to copy someone’s idea. It was a creative collaboration of two human beings and it created an art of love. Emily shared it and got 89 likes and I loved it as it is in alignment with the spirit of fashion now.

Photo courtesy BeverlyD

How Do I Make My Hair Look Pretty?

Glamorous long hairCOMPLETE your look with finished DRESSED UP hair, If you are living the fashion look of today,  you have a HAIRDRESSER who keeps you looking glamorous. Or maybe you need a quick study in how you are going to pull it together?

Glamorous hair has a finished polished look of rounded ends or let’s say S or $ look. The roots lift off the scalp and the end is a C a master C with the end up…we always want to end our day up, just like the stock market and yes in your hair.

Do you have lots of natural curls and frizzies? Soften and add glamour by roping your hair with a hair balm to natural dry and then comb with your fingers when dry. You can also use hot rollers and rope dry hair around the roller for a more modern finish.

Your luxe adventure would be to visit a Blow Dry Salon and have your hair professionally blown dry. A good blow dry styling can last you for days and give you that Hollywood starlet look gracing the red carpet.

If you have the fine hair of the kings wife, it maybe time for a style change, a permanent wave or a set to give your hair volume, shine and holding power that will rival the glamour girls. Sets hold the hair longer and allow more time between shampoos. Blow drying and repeated round brushing of the strands can stimulate oil flow and flatten fine hair more. Wet sets on plastic or brush rollers are recommended. Velcro only works if the hair is very smooth and straight and is not recommended for hair that has been chemically treated or curly as it may leave a frizzy edge.

Helmet Hair to GO GO!

Helmet Hair is not only defined as the teased bouffants of the 60′s, it also shows up at the end of summer when your color has become one solid mass of blonde instead of the streaks you started out in the beginning of summer. It can be the brunette that has turned a reddish brown or the redhead that has faded to gold ends or a weak pink.

How do we remove the helmet? Weaving strong contrasting colors lighter and darker works to create the variation in hair that cleans and shines the strands. Just be sure the hair has been adequately conditioned and repaired by plant oils prior to weaving so the color will be retained by the strand. Coloring damaged hair strands only leads to recoloring and the recoloring leads to more damage and more fading…a vicious circle.

You could also apply the technique of ombre at this time of the year. Leave the bleached out faded ends and just deepen the roots with a color 2 levels deeper than the ends. Later you could fill the ends with warm color to richen for fall and then by the holidays be a rich vibrant brunette.

So this fall when you are wearing below shoulder length hair, utilize these techniques to create your look for fall. Check out Chelsea Clinton in Vogue magazine this month or Bazaar Magazine for examples of these looks for Fall.

Give the helmet to your football team ladies, GO PACK GO!

The Value of Sun, The Myth of Sunscreen

I remember using the sun to highlight my hair. Squeezing lemon juice along my hairline to impart lighter strands or streaks around the face. I remember how the sun use to brighten my eyes after a day at the beach or laying in the sun. They felt blue like the sky and lighter, luminescent. I felt so pretty after a day in the sun.

Yet we have turned against the sun and have made it wrong . Now it’s sunscreens, skin cancer and Vitamin D deficiencies.

I am here to speak on sunscreens for your hair since I am a expert of the fabric of hair, hairdressing and natural styling methods, I have my professional observations of what I see works to prevent color fading.

What Doesn’t Work

If you want to prevent color from fading, turning red, getting lighter in the sun…you have to stop blasting the cuticle open so much. You are opening the cuticle every time you color, highlight, perm, relax, blow dry, use mousse, hairspray, styling lotions (alcohol opens the cuticle) and that is where the color slips out. Even shampooing and conditioning the hair especially with protein conditioners that thicken, lift color. I always caution my clients after they have their color done that they do not use protein for a week after the service to let the cuticle close down completely. Couple all of that with the sun, who is getting the blame? The sun! When the hair strand cuticle is kept tight and closed, fading will not occur.

The sun alone brightens and lightens a touch, hence sun kissed. The sun actually can soften a fresh color and take away the harshness. Sun kissed color is actually youthful and very flattering. If your color is fading that has a lot more to do with the method in which the color has been applied, the choice of color and the repetitiveness of repeat coloring. The sun just uncovers the abuse of the chemicals, the manufacturer and the practitioner.

What Works

So as a client if you want to get out of the vicious circle of color fading, I recommend the following actions:

  1. Upgrade your color manufacturer and color choice. Most individuals choose too light of a color , then pull it thru every time because the color faded or got red; which then gets it too dark because of the repetition therefore they move up a level only to keep pulling it through again. If you choose a darker color and just apply to the roots only, I guarantee it will look more natural, will not fade, will not get red, and will be the appropriate color for you. (Re: Henna, or Schwarzkopf Essensity )
  2. Use Kindness. Color safe shampoos will not be necessary. If you truly understand that color stays and doesn’t fade on healthy hair, you will not need all those claims that the shampoo will not fade your color. Most important for shampoos because we use them so much are sulfate, paraben free and they must be made from plant and food ingredients for maximum health benefits.  (Re: Kindness Shampoo)
  3. Utilize the sun as a conditioning agent by applying plant oils in the hair to further tighten the cuticle. Especially on the beach, it will give you a fashion forward beach hair look by separating the hair allowing more movement and artistic possibilities. (Re:Collaboration OR Appreciation)

Otherwise just enjoy the sun and your hairdo. Reign confidently that you know now when your hair can or can not take excessive exposure to the sun. Oh and there is always a cute hat or a messy chignon or a bun!

Tips for Alive Healthy hair

If you want to give a facelift to your hair,  here are tips to create youthful nip and tucks.

Simple Hair cuts…layers dull the hair because it creates a lot of ends. Hair that is smooth and shows off the shine of the strand and is younger always.

Movable hair…someplace in your haircut,  hair should move and that means it has length to move. The nape is not always the effective area to create length because then it sits on your body and does not move.  It’s the crown that needs to be longer so the hair moves long or short.

Hair should always be longer in the crown or be the longest there to avoid the parting of your hair in the back of the head or in the crown, especially if your color is 3 weeks old! VERY VERY AGING!

Use plant oils to lubricate the strand to make it shiny, flexible and movable. Get over ‘my hair is too flat’ syndrome. Flat hair is so much more youthful! Plant oils replace all the fat you are missing in your diet because you are perpetually losing weight all the time or on a low fat diet that contains sugar which dulls and thins the hair.

Get over the ombre and the starlet do’s of smooth tops and curl on the bottom, unless you are blowing your forehead up with BOTOX creating ET with the pointed chin…this hair style is the most unflattering look that has been bought and sold to the public. It communicates greasy roots and dry ends. Yes Uh huh, I always wanted that look!

Especially because it makes me so Miss Piggy!