Cleansing from the Inside Out

Learning how to cleanse from the inside out is as important to our overall health and well being as learning how to cleanse our hair the right way.

Cleansing our body, mind & spirit is so refreshing…kind of like the beauty of this picture…it just makes you feel all wonderful and peaceful doesn’t it?

O7A9fAvYSXC7NTdz8gLQ_IMGP1039When you Google the phrase “cleansing from the inside out”, it will return you approximately 5,830,000 results.

Obviously…this is a HUGE deal in the world we live in due to all of the toxicity in our world today: environment, food, beauty products…just to name a few.

We must be diligent in caring about what we put into our bodies, as that affects this shell we inhabit in either good ways, or bad ways in what comes out of our bodies.

BeverlyD is a revolutionary leader in teaching on how to cleanse your insides first, which in turn will affect your outside in a wonderful way!

Here are a couple excerpts from the book HAIR NOW ~ 7 Devotions of Hair Enlivenment by BeverlyD that deal with how to cleanse from the inside to cleanse from the inside out

“Learning how to read the ingredients list on a product label is essential. Labels indicating that a product contains “natural ingredients” can be misleading.

The first three ingredients listed on any given label are the most important.

Manufacturers will often prominently display the word “water” on labels of natural products. This is not false.

However, if water is listed as the first ingredient in a shampoo, and the second is sodium lauryl sulfate, then the primary active ingredient in that shampoo is sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium laurel sulfate, and sodium laureth sulfate, among other common ingredients found in most hair care products are petroleum-derived.

A petroleum derived ingredient is an ingredient that is processed from petroleum.

The process produces toxins which damage hair, follicle, and scalp. Because petroleum is a natural substance, one might easily assume it is beneficial to our locks, but petroleum-based substances are damaging to our hair.”


“Know the difference between organic, natural, and green, and whenever possible, go local.

There are a great many benefits to interacting with local communities, not the least of which is the ability to investigate and ascertain the integrity and authenticity of a product.”

Just a few words of wisdom concerning cleansing that we can all LIVE by!

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Redefining Organic

These days, we call it “organic”, but what does organic really mean?

Organic in the original definition is something that occurs naturally; a natural process of life. Some call it a natural growth process. Nature’s way of growing, developing and blossoming.

It is not manipulated; it is following the laws of nature.what makes it organic

Organic is not the USDA label saying something was grown in a particular way; even in those cases it is so manipulated and artificial, but city folks are buying it while thinking they are doing something good.

Guess what: the only thing that can be certified organic is plants…period.



Organic beef…lie.

Organic chicken, are you kidding me?

Did the chicken grow up in nature only eating bugs?

It’s the same with hair products. Organic? Are you kidding me?

There are no rules!

The USDA has not completed any definitions. It is all made up and the man who was doing something about that, to fix things, died this year: Horst M. Rechelbacher.

Here is my point: The only way you could certify an organic product is if the ingredients are solely plants and are in the bottle.

For example: plant oils.

So, don’t fall for all those names on bottles and that “certified” label. Remember my story about the certified organic factory that labels and produces; it was not pure. It contained petroleum fumes and ingredients from chemical plants

So perhaps you wonder why I use the word “organic.”

It’s to get your attention!

It’s to be in the buzz, and I use the word to describe the process by which your hair will transform when you use our products.

Your hair becomes young again; organically, naturally, and with simple ingredients.

This means less shampooing and more evolving into what your hair naturally wants to be.

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Season’s Greetings from BeverlyD – Making Your Holidays Count!


Making Your Holidays Count

BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care is not only about organic hair and beauty, but also living and loving the life of your dreams. When you live and love the life of your dreams, it brightens the lives of everyone around you. You truly can have the life you’ve always wanted.
As New Year’s Eve approaches, it’s not too soon to think again about what changes you would like to make, and what you are no longer willing to put up with. What you do during the holiday season helps create your coming year. Are you traveling, reconnecting, setting goals, and showing appreciation to yourself and others? This season, think again about what you want, start setting those new goals, and get ready to make a change for the better. Season’s Greetings!

First Eco Salon

We are pleased to announce our first BeverlyD “Eco Salon” location, in Houston, at K Renee Salon & Spa at 3100 Timmons. Here, trained staff provide a private environment of health, eco consciousness, and organic beauty. In 2013, we will open additional Eco Salon locations in Austin, New Braunfels, San Antonio, and Dallas.
K Renee Salon & Spa, 3100 Timmons, Houston TX 77027. Call 713 622 6444 for an appointment.

Opportunities for 2013

At BeverlyD we want to take women into visioning what an ideal life would look like, so we are creating photo shoots for women to embody and feel into their fantasies of perfect lives. Use this opportunity to create a vision board for your coming year and to take action.
Entrepreneurs: If you would like coaching to improve business and lifestyle, contact for workshops, seminars, goal setting, and private coaching information. Live the life you always wanted.
This is the time for miracles and magic!

BeverlyD Entrepreneur School Schedule Update

Talk and Sell with BeverlyD

How to Talk and Sell to Customers—
A one-day workshop guaranteed to put stylists on the path to higher income!

  • Do you want to increase sales 30% without increasing expenses?
  • Discover why customers are purchasing products elsewhere!
  • Do you want to create customer loyalty, trust and raving fans?

“How to Talk and Sell to Customers” is a one-day workshop that turns stylists from dependent employees into interdependent, top-selling business partners. Join BeverlyD as she shares in person the tools that have kept her in the top ranks of retail sales margins in the salon business nationwide.

“How to Talk and Sell to Customers” gives stylists proven tools that will help them uncover customers’ needs and influence their clients to purchase retail products for hair.Do you know that the single greatest roadblock to a stylist’s ability to make more money is an inability to put the spotlight on the customer?

BeverlyD will teach you how to get past the gossip, take control of the conversation, and put your attention on the person sitting in your chair.

Use these methods to push past the awkward silence, the uneasiness that accompanies not knowing the perfect script, the perfect answer, the perfect close to sell product. Learn “How to Talk and Sell to your Customer” and your sales and personal income are guaranteed to grow!

Starting in the 70’s with her haircutting salons, BeverlyD utilized unique communication strategies boosting retail sales to 20% of gross sales. Today her retail sales are a record 40% of gross sales! Aveda has made her the recipient of numerous distinguished retail awards, and now BeverlyD offers the secrets of her success in a one-day workshop that will help you reap the benefits of increased revenue and create raving, loyal fans in the process.

Workshops are held on Mondays from 10-3 ~ Advanced registration is required
$50 tuition includes paid in advance credited towards wholesale purchase

Join us to find out more about BeverlyD Entrepreneur School – the learning organization that takes you from being merely professional to totally outrageous entrepreneur!

Professional Guides: Upgrading hair color services to give your client more value and make you look like a genius.


No matter what color line you are using at his moment, you can begin to upgrade that color line by adding BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care to your hair color procedure. With the addition of Appreciation, you are moving your color into the organic category and will experience superior color results, reduce fading, stop all breakage, eliminate deposit buildup and dulling, maintain and improve elasticity and shine, and great a aromatheraputic experience for the client.

Appreciation is applied to the client prior to color procedure on dry hair. Work in 3-8 pumps of Appreciation one at a time beginning with the ends and moving toward the scalp. Massage oil also around the hairline to prevent color staining around the face.

If you have the intention of pulling the color through to the ends the entire time or for 3 minutes, add Appreciation to the color bowl directly to soften the impact and reduce the opening of the cuticle. Doing so will reduce fading. Continued use of Appreciation will stop the need for pulling color through at every visit and eventually will stop all color fading.

Appreciation will not prevent color coverage, it will enhance color coverage. Think oil going into hair and scalp, forget coating hair & scalp. The molecular structure is so small even smaller than your own scalp sebum. So it actually prepares the way for the color by pre softening, conditioning or feeding the hair so the color will actually accept color more thoroughly.

BeverlyD APPRECIATION Organic Jojoba Hair & Body OilIf you have extra dry and frizzy hair, naturally coarse straight hair, African American or other ethnicities, Collaboration may be used over Appreciation prior to color process to further condition smooth and add shine and balance porosity. Warm Collaboration before applying to activate it’s power to penetrate deeply and smooth dryness, by setting a a bowl of hot water before applying to hair.

You will see & feel immediate results when using theses products, for the first time. With continued use the hair will become young again with movement shine and tensile strength within one year. Women have reported that they find their hair easier to style, and they actually wear their hair more natural and do not need to force it into a style. The hair falls into the style easily and beautifully.

To complete, recommend your clients to purchase these products so that they can begin to use at home and build a strand of hair that is strong, shiny and will hold their color. Appreciation and Collaboration can be used with other product lines harmoniously with much success.