“Experiment” From My Bathtub

I really started to notice that shampoo cleans too much. Let’s face it. Cleaning off fat cells is what shampooing does. But fine hair is skinny enough we don’t need to make it more skinny.

What I noticed is that the Appreciation for fine hair is really wax not oil. It’s like the sebum that is produced by our bodies.

We’ve all noticed that when hair is a little dirtier, it’s more obedient. That’s because of the sebum coating.

I’ve noticed when Generosity is used, it’s really thickening for the hair and creates denser hair.

So – I decided to experiment on myself – because what does Cole Porter say?

“Experiment – Make it your motto day and night
Experiment – It will lead you to the light.”

I’ve been taking lots of Epsom salt baths lately, but I don’t need to shampoo that often. I started applying appreciation on my hair and my hair was getting wet. So I started using Generosity instead of shampoo. I worked it in like shampoo, going from my scalp all the way to the ends.

 I noticed my hair wasn’t oily and it felt clean.  I did this over and over. I didn’t wash for 10 days.

And I must say – I have babe hair – sexy full hair!

Then I added another element to give more body. Generosity thickens hair, but fine hair is really soft. I added Attention all the way from the scalp to the ends. Then I finished with Complete Hair Balm.

So I’m adding more to fine hair to make it become babe hair, and not stripping it with too much shampoo.

The steps are:

1. Apply liquid plant wax – Appreciation Organic Infusion For Fine Hair.

2. Put on food and plant proteins, which add more density – Generosity Hair Masque.
3. Then for a styling option, add flax to give it crispness and texture – Attention Hair Gel.
4. Finish with a denser wax – Complete Hair Balm. This will enhance shine and thicken the hair without dulling.
Check out my before and after pictures:

My fine hair after shampoo but no conditioner

After Generosity Hair Masque application.

After hot rollers and Complete Hair Balm


The High Cost of Artificial Beauty


I just read this article in the Wall Street Journal (The High Price of Beauty – WSJ) and it is quite amazing what we will spend to look good! And then there is all the maintenance of facial work that comes into play, not to mention plastic surgery.

Do you really believe you have to do this? Do you really want to fit in so badly?  What happened to individuality and seeing beauty everywhere?

I assert that once we get an attitude adjustment, we can let go of all the “have to’s”  in our daily regimens. It is acceptance and being present to the moment that lets you see everything is perfect. It is the pressure and the pace of keeping up that is moving you to take these radical actions to fit in. When you can fit in this very moment and you are totally perfect.

So instead of crossing off a fast pace lifestyle to do list, how about stop and ask yourself what do I notice right now? It’s where you put your attention that gets the attention. You notice flaws, then you fix flaws; you notice beauty and you get beauty. Yes it’s that simple.



Rectangle block of lightened hair sits atop a natural color foundation for dramatic effect. Retouch roots every month or let it grow into ombre!

Becoming Alive

I am declaring a new phase, a coming out, a rebirth if you may!


It began October 6, 2015 after a 21 day cleansing. A cleansing of the soul, the mind, the energy around me! The cleansing neglected the physical body for me which I am such a fan of doing all the time.

After all if I really want change in my life, it’s not about geography or the material side of life. It’s not about people, my friends, family or colleagues! It’s the unseen, the unrevealed part of me. The part of myself I hide because I am scared, I doubt, or am uncertain, clueless to the outcome! I am in new territory, I feel uncomfortable, defensive, and embarrassed because I know what to do! Yet, I have not done it! And then there is the part of me that doesn’t know what needs to change that part of me that can’t see the negativity or what doesn’t work.

So I am acknowledging team, god or light to be the vehicle of my change. I certainly haven’t been able to deliver. In this material world we call life, I see that I am an entertainer because my team gives me entertainer. It is the encouragement of laughter, applause and appreciation that makes me grow and become light. I realize it does not come from me. It’s the collaboration or unity of people as team or light that gives me who I am!
In my inner sanctum it is the unseen, the spirit, the god or light that I am in union with to continue to reveal the concealed and stop the tunnel vision and the delusions, so I can see things as they really are.

My reinvention is concealed now and the change that I want will appear!

Imagine when we all can manifest this in our lives, what a wonderful world it could be!

Collaboration In Being

stop-stalling-beverlyd-luxe-organicDid you ever have a time when you knew that you needed to take an action and you kept on stalling?

Like you really wanted this for yourself, you were certain this was going to assist you in moving forward but you just didn’t have the discipline to do that?

That’s were I have been all year!  I had gained some weight over the last year and noticed some ailments in the body.  I knew it was time for me to do the Living Foods Program as this system has worked for me in the past.

But  I was stuck…I could not do it myself I knew I lack the discipline to get started.  So I decided to look for a retreat or spa to go to for a week or two.  It can be very difficult to leave my business but I decided in August I was going to take three weeks off and do it.

I went to work on a planned project in Dallas with Luz Delia Gerber.  Luz has just published a book and was starting her book tour to promote ‘Oh, My Body’.Luz-Delia-Gerber-ohmybody-book

In conjunction with her book launch we created a party for the Mary Kay women at at the Flagship store of Abi Ferrin, fashion designer.  It was a collaboration of a few businesses coming together to pamper our Mary Kay guests.

Luz was busy making ready and training Abi Ferrin’s team on the menu of living foods she was serving.  Luz and I, recently rekindled our relationship and spent time in hair, walks and preparing for our event.  Luz is also a friend of 30 years and has always been a fountain of well being.  In fact this is why we remain friends because of our shared vision of well-being for our planet.

Live-Foods-BeverlyD-Luxe-OrganicWhat I notice is that all of a sudden I am practicing the living foods program.  I just started on my own.  I mentioned to Luz of my dilemma of starting.  She was patience she listened she said some things and kept making it all right.  Well Monday I began.  And I am on my way!  I am so happy!

All that happened was my being with Luz, and Luz being with me.  The magic happened!  No forcing, no demanding, no goals, no doing, just pure being and the process began for me.

Where in your life can you experience Collaboration with being?

Together we can do so much!

Food vs. Medicine

With the new year upon us, many people desire to make big changes in their overall health.

lifestyle vs medicineOne thing that is becoming more and more popular is the idea of changing your lifestyle and diet to correct, or relieve any ailments versus taking medications that will more than likely have harmful side effects.

A common ailment in today’s society is the headache!

Ginger is a wonderful root, high in anti-inflammatory properties with several beneficial factors, and relieving migraines is one of many.

Avoid any foods containing MSG because MSG has been scientifically linked to causing headaches along with other health issues. The leading causes of headaches is caffeine, the artificial sweetener aspartame, and foods that contain sodium nitrate, such as processed foods and cured meat like hot dogs and bacon.

Every man and woman wants the chance to drink from the fountain of youth. In order to prevent the effects of aging, a simple change in diet can do the trick.

All you have to do is reduce your intake of foods that contain high amounts of saturated fats, as well as reduce your intake of red meat to no more than twice a week.

And, of course, eliminate fried foods.

Foods low in saturated fat as well as raw foods are fine. A plant-based diet would be beneficial.

Foods especially good for “anti-aging” are broccoli sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, blueberries, and apples.

Another common health aggravation are those dreaded allergies.

manganeseAllergy levels are increasing due to the amount of environmental pollutants and food contaminates. One little known fact is that people with chronic allergies are usually deficient in manganese.

Foods that contain a good amount of manganese are beans, peas, blueberries, and then there is the option of taking a manganese supplement.

There are a handful of various supplements that can be taken on a daily basis that will reduce allergies, such as Omega-3 Oil, Vitamin C, etc.

The consumption of stinging nettle herb can also be used in the treatment of severe allergies due to it being an immune system booster.

Cantaloupe, Ginger and Apple are also all good for boosting the immune system and thus relieving allergy symptoms.

This is just a snippet of what foods are really capable of.

Instead of taking a handful of prescription and OTC medications, you can just change the foods you eat, take the bad things out and add specific good things to relieve whatever health issue you’re having.

Be more mindful of what you consume.

Make a food log to keep track of what you’re eating and how it’s affecting your overall well-being.

The saying “you are what you eat” is very true!

Here at BeverlyD, we know your hair will mirror the products you use on it, and our bodies do the same thing!

Live a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and even healthier hair!

food as medicine book coverA good recourse and guide to follow when wanting to make a dietary change in your life is the book “Food as Medicine” by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

“As you age, you should decrease your overall calorie consumption and increase the amount of raw foods you eat.” ~Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D



What changes are you making this year to ensure your healthiest year yet?

Share them with us in the comments below!

And, be sure to share this blog post with a friend!

Redefining Organic

These days, we call it “organic”, but what does organic really mean?

Organic in the original definition is something that occurs naturally; a natural process of life. Some call it a natural growth process. Nature’s way of growing, developing and blossoming.

It is not manipulated; it is following the laws of nature.what makes it organic

Organic is not the USDA label saying something was grown in a particular way; even in those cases it is so manipulated and artificial, but city folks are buying it while thinking they are doing something good.

Guess what: the only thing that can be certified organic is plants…period.



Organic beef…lie.

Organic chicken, are you kidding me?

Did the chicken grow up in nature only eating bugs?

It’s the same with hair products. Organic? Are you kidding me?

There are no rules!

The USDA has not completed any definitions. It is all made up and the man who was doing something about that, to fix things, died this year: Horst M. Rechelbacher.

Here is my point: The only way you could certify an organic product is if the ingredients are solely plants and are in the bottle.

For example: plant oils.

So, don’t fall for all those names on bottles and that “certified” label. Remember my story about the certified organic factory that labels and produces; it was not pure. It contained petroleum fumes and ingredients from chemical plants

So perhaps you wonder why I use the word “organic.”

It’s to get your attention!

It’s to be in the buzz, and I use the word to describe the process by which your hair will transform when you use our products.

Your hair becomes young again; organically, naturally, and with simple ingredients.

This means less shampooing and more evolving into what your hair naturally wants to be.

Have questions? Share them with us below!

We’ll help you choose the right products for you!

Appreciation Featured in 002 Houston Magazine

Our BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care product Appreciation is making news! In the July 14 issue of 002houston magazine, Appreciation was featured in this fabulous list of oils that are taking the beauty industry by storm.

We are excited to see the recognition being given to a product that is essential to your beauty regimen on a daily basis, especially if you want to keep your hair and skin looking alive and young!

Click here to purchase Appreciation for yourself, a friend, or loved one!

BeverlyD in 002houson

BeverlyD Cover Story in Hometown

Recently, BeverlyD was given front-page coverage in her hometown newspaper, Pulaski News, in Pulaski Wisconsin!

Thank you to Jenna Guernsey of Pulaski News for a well-written tribute to BeverlyD that truly embodies the theme that anyone can do anything, if they just set their mind to it!

Anything is Possible

Pulaski alumna Beverly Dombrowski proves that anything is possible. Coming from a town of 32 people, nine of which were family members, Dombrowski has now raised and impacted over 1,000 hairdressers, and managed and opened 44 salons. Dombrowski also has her own line of hair products, “BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care”. On top of that, she hosts workshops where she takes on roles such as “entrepreneur and lifestyle mentor”.


Pulaski News ArticlePulaski impacted her lifestyle in many ways. In high school, Dombrowski was a member of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and she even created her own club while a student at Pulaski High School called Pep Club. “There was my expression of getting something started,” said Dombrowski.


Growing up in and around the farming industry in Pulaski was the foundation of Dombrowski’s success. “Farming is a very entrepreneurial environment. A lot of my mentoring and coaching comes from those basic principles of farming,” she said.


Not only was she an active part in clubs in Pulaski, she also participated in Pulaski News. Her Pulaski News adviser, Bernard Olejniczak, taught her many lessons she still uses today; the main one being to write simple. “The Pulaski News gave me experience,” said Dombrowski. “Journalism is about saying what you see; it’s not opinion. Writing about what you see was the background training for me becoming a coach. That’s what I learned from the Pulaski News, reporting what actually happened,” said Dombrowski.


Dombrowski has done a variety of local celebrities’ hair in Texas, including Princess Margaret of Romania and Arianna Huffington. Dombrowski became close friends with Huffington, and this led her to becoming a blogger for the Huffington Post, and even attending Huffington’s wedding in New York. “I’m always writing to create a life where you don’t burn out; a life of vitality. That’s what I write about on the Huffington Post,” said Dombrowski.


The main class she hosts is “What to Do With the Rest of Your Life”. This workshop helps entrepreneurs come up with fun new business ideas that deliver value as well. Another workshop she hosted was “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, where women learn how to cooperate, look at what they desire, and really see how they want their life to turn out; they also put on a show that included singing and dancing to have some fun. “It creates memorable experiences that enliven people,” said Dombrowski. “Inspiring others to go for what they want in their lives, that is the thing I can be proud of.”


Hair Now by BeverlyDDombrowski’s book, “HAIR NOW ~ Seven Devotions for Hair Enlivenment”, shows her passion for the hair industry. “I’ve been writing in several ways for the last 15 years on a regular basis. I do a newsletter for my company monthly, so basically I took all the material from 15 years of writing,” said Dombrowski.


She then had someone organize all of the material, then she came up with the design and chapters of her book, which are named after her products. The first part of the chapters are about spirit, and the second is about hair. After hiring someone to edit, Dombrowski decided that she didn’t like the book and rewrote it all herself.


“This book is about spirit and hair. It’s about your energy and your life spirit,” said Dombrowski. “That’s what my book’s about, Enlivenment. Not just hair, but your life. How do you bring more energy and vitality into your life.”


Dombrowski has also had the opportunity to visit Germany many times and has a clientele there, as well. Visiting other countries helped her create a global client base from the organization Global Women Entrepreneur’s Network (GWEN).


“The essence of this organization is very simple; to do the things you love and find the pieces of your life puzzle and activate them. They are the pieces that make you feel loving and kind to others. Then, as a smart woman, turn those activities into a successful career,” wrote Dombrowski in a recent press release.


Dombrowski is returning to Germany this August for a conference with GWEN. She has released her book and hosted hair parties in Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, and Munich.


Dombrowski came from the small town of Pulaski, Wisconsin, and moved to the business capital of the world, New York City, for nine years and has worked tirelessly to accomplish her entrepreneurial goals. Her life is a true story that shows us that anything is possible. For more information on Dombrowski’s entrepreneur school, visit beverlydentrepreneurschool.wordpress.com.