The High Cost of Artificial Beauty


I just read this article in the Wall Street Journal (The High Price of Beauty – WSJ) and it is quite amazing what we will spend to look good! And then there is all the maintenance of facial work that comes into play, not to mention plastic surgery.

Do you really believe you have to do this? Do you really want to fit in so badly?  What happened to individuality and seeing beauty everywhere?

I assert that once we get an attitude adjustment, we can let go of all the “have to’s”  in our daily regimens. It is acceptance and being present to the moment that lets you see everything is perfect. It is the pressure and the pace of keeping up that is moving you to take these radical actions to fit in. When you can fit in this very moment and you are totally perfect.

So instead of crossing off a fast pace lifestyle to do list, how about stop and ask yourself what do I notice right now? It’s where you put your attention that gets the attention. You notice flaws, then you fix flaws; you notice beauty and you get beauty. Yes it’s that simple.



Rectangle block of lightened hair sits atop a natural color foundation for dramatic effect. Retouch roots every month or let it grow into ombre!


Daring to Be in 2014

Truth or Dare what gives you more energy?  Someone admits as a truth they secretly admired you. Feels nice, warm.  OR They became daring and come to you with flowers and a bold statement of’ I have been admiring you from afar’. Same or Different?

Bold statements shock and surprise us. Who doesn’t like a surprise now and then. It has energy and excitement.  It perturbs our predictable or usual state.  It’s like an injection of vitamins, puts a smile on your face, your hormones get happy.

BeverlyD as the Dominatrix of Beauty

BeverlyD as the Dominatrix of Beauty

Sometimes when people are daring or appear bold, they are accused of being a rebel, think Madonna, Bob Dylan, heck I certainly have been accused of that and I remember in the 80″s feeling wronged by that statement.  I needed to conform.

Yea I saw what that did to me.  I got caught up in being average then I gained weight and got uglier…I grew my hair, I got a boyfriend, I became so ordinary and my life became very predictable and had a look associated with that future, Yuck.  Then I found my Daring again.

First, I had to find my fellow rebels, Madonna, music business, karaoke, short skirts, Germans, traveling, a far-out life mentor, peach orange hair! That’s the girl! I became older and bolder.  The GREAT thing about this is that when people from my past see me now they always are a bit shocked and say I haven’t aged a bit.  It’s true I have been getting younger as I get older.

Daring to be involves doing…doing is action, action creates more energy.Practicing, getting curious, expanding your world view, is how you train for daring.  You get out of your box and jump into the triangle.  This is how you evolve to being daring.  Because now there is no effort in being daring.   I am daring!

As we end our year, how can you preparing for a daring future?  Who would you like to be in the company of?  What clothes would you daringly wear?  What BOLD statement do you want to make?  This is how to prepare yourself for your new year REVOLUTION.

BeverlyD as her one woman show character

BeverlyD as her one woman show character


Take the Dare this year…go for it…the energy derived from getting out of that box is what changes the world.!  Happy New Year!  Be the REVOLUTION you want to see!

Let the seeding begin

Seeding the hair for wave, curl and volume

Enjoying curl this spring and summer may be easier then you think. Your trusty flat iron and your fingers are the tools you can use to seed curl and wave in your hairstyle this summer. Just place your strand in a circle and then press with hot flat iron and you have wavy movable hair with more volume. Use BeverlyD Luxe Organic Styling Spray to add additional texture and hold power.

Are we blushing?

camelliaMarching forth as the warming winds move the dry, deadness of nature to make room for the unveiling of renewal about to begin this month…

As I drove to Hot Springs through northeast Texas, the greening had begun and in Houston pinkness has been popping out everywhere as if landscape were blushing.

Human beings can take this cue and begin their process by doing a little cleansing in preparation of your Spring look of renewal. How can you freshen up? If a makeover is not in the cards for you, sometimes just a deep cleansing of skin, hair, and maybe some internal cleansing with a fast. It doesn’t have to be complicated, you could clean up your eyebrows, which totally could freshen up your look. Get a facial peel to remove all dead skin cells and get the glow. Internalize the glow by eating raw living food in which the living enzymes can further scrub your skin and cleanse your cells.

Get your car detailed, or better yet wash your windows in your house and car: that really brings clarity. Sometimes just going through your closet or a drawer, just one drawer is enough to put more awareness and consciousness in your life. It’s all about feeling  everything is brand new again and you can have it, anytime, any day,  just by stopping and cleaning something.

How do you like to Clarify?  Cleanse? Become brand new?  Please share your ideas in comments!

Inspired from the 80’s

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough

As I review Vogue and Elle for February, I am seeing a collaboration of the 80’s and now. Elle did a fashion layout of whites with soft tones of grey in the background and an almost fuchsia or red violet gown. Fuchsia was a big color in the 80’s for hair, lips and accessories. Vogue did a collection of white gowns and the hair styles were up do’s with soft spiky edges. Spiky haircuts with either gelled tips or a replication of animal fur dominated the fashion scape while Blondie and the Go-Go‘s got the beat. My favorite pick at the Golden Globe Awards also had the 80’s flavor with Julianne Hough with slick sides and high top and kicked out back, a sort of Mohawk.

So now is the time to reinvent your current do… black and white is coming on strong for spring, eminent from the 80’s. If you choose to upgrade or want to instill a new feeling into your bob, short haircut or long hair, consider raising the crown and tightening the sides. Introduce stronger color into the mix. Collaborating the fun funky touches of the eighties with the current way you are wearing your hair will result in your new modern fashion look today.

Photo courtesy People Style Watch

50 Shades of Cool

Vogue Magazine Grey Hair Color Picture

Kristen McMenamy

January is the coolest time of the year, so it’s time to talk about the coolest hair color for 2013: grey.

Grey? Yes, Grey, or if you prefer, Silver Slate, Vintage Platinum, Icy White, Blue Silver, Cool Violet, Smokey Blonde, Smoldering Bombshell!

Vogue promoted the look and I agree: grey doesn’t mean grandma anymore. This coming-of-age color is modern, edgy and space-age. It’s all in the execution.

Will grey work for you? With any look, what’s important is that your hair be shiny and healthy and that it have a modern cut so that your hair can move. When your hair shines and moves, it attracts, and attraction is what it’s all about.

To take on this 21st century style, consider a visit to a hair color expert. Use organic hair color creams like Schwartzkopf Essensity. Make a visit to an image consultant to pick clothing colors to complement your hair color, body type, and skin tone. Then upgrade your wardrobe  to include latest styles.

Brea Photo cropped

Brea Gratia
Loving my cut!

Now, add some new activities to get your body moving; upgrade your diet; make a few of those other changes you’ve been considering: you’ll create enough excitement in your life to make you blush, with a resulting wholesome, healthy, happy aura that sells any look.

Kristen McMenamy image courtesy, Vogue
Brea Gratia and Wendy Rhode images courtesy, BeverlyD

Wendy Rhode Grey Hair Color Picture

Wendy Rhode
Silver tones with white and grey

Leadership Looks Conservative

Beautiful PonytailNo matter who is elected president this November, or whoever is elected for Congress, Senate and localities, we all share  a responsibility to lead our own lives , following the laws governed by the state.  We have chosen these laws to protect and keep order to the growth and development of our community.  Laws or rules are created to domesticate people to create order and peace, to have us fall in line so to speak.

This reality is the same philosophy we approach when it comes to hair and specifically hair color.  There are laws that govern the safety, health and success of desired look, especially when it comes to attaining natural color.  Choosing the correct colors to create a natural looking color involves a careful choice of complimentary color to achieve the most real or natural look.  It is a good idea to look at more than what you want, but also what is the eye color and skin tone and distinguish that before choosing the complimentary colors to use.

When you know and follow the rules of color, your hair will have a shine or glow, your skin will look smooth and more porcelain and  your eyes will be more apparent or brighter.  These are the three  tests all color services should pass before you leave the salon.

The trend  this season seems to be going conservative to complement of brightness and texture of color palettes.

Color Cools Off With The Advent Of Warmth In Clothing Palette


Color_coolsYou’re going to see a shift in color this season, especially in blondes, brunettes and reds. Color will go from less caramel to deep chocolate, less coppery to cool and slightly spicy crimson.  Solid light bleached blondes to complement the reds, purples and tan orange that have cropped up this season. During a color consultation, I like to reference food as a visual. Hot fudge and orange marmalade paint a clearer picture and helps prevent end results that leave you feeling unsatisfied.

Photographs always work as a visual aid when discussing Cool Reds for 2012color.  Another favorite is if you must wear black, a blend of 24 karate gold, black mink and deep red wine of burgundy.  For blonde how about pearl or soft peach blonde.  This season with the array of color and texture, conservatism is key in color.  Think Republican!

Fall Into Prosperity: Glamour Is Back


Glamorous image from WSJ Magazine September issue

Browsing the fall issues of fashion magazines and even WSJ Magazine, the trend seems so similar to that of 80’s pass. The over the top, opulent, excessive over done fullness of hair, overcoats and multi layers of fabrics. A vast tapestry of textures, colors and richness that denotes life as the oligarchy is good.It has this more-is-better feel again, and the body is being covered head to toe with more fabric, more jewels. more accessories . It’s time to look prosperous again according to the fashion business this fall and employing colors of red lipsticks, warm rich colors, the red violets, and camel. Glamour is back big time.Even those who have moved green, organic, local are exhibiting there opulence by paying premium prices for the privilege. The transformational year of 2012 with its  design is cleaning up and the desire for more natural, more local, more organic, more sustainable is required by the new regime of the nouveau riche as practiced in the summer of the Hamptons.Hair is riding that wave to compliment the opulence with a return to service in the beauty salon. Styling is in and you can see it with the ‘pop-ups’ of Blow Dry Salons across the country.

Sleek Bangs are in styleWith the combinations of textures exploding in fashion and on our body, it is important now to balance that with smooth sophisticated glamorous hair. Even Rachel Zoe has her hair nicely finished with bangs at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Gone is the flat crown, textured locks with fish hook ends that accompanied your haute hippie look of jeans vests and t-shirts.

Summer Ending in Super Sun Spun Threads

Threads meaning hair or the fabric of hair…what does yours look like? Worsted wool, dreaded dreads, poker face straight, pale green icicles? Whatever the dilemma, summer was fun and now we want to turn our attention back to our hair well being. After all, parties and fundraisers are filling our calendars as fall approaches.

Beach hair looks great on the beach, in the sunshine sand of summer. Fall fashion dictates a new regime of hair looks according to the textures of fashion. When fashion becomes more textured, hair gets more sleek, the play of opposites to give attention to each field.

Searching the trends of Burberry, Trina Turk, Ann Taylor and the pages of Vogue (never mind Lady Gaga as that special effect was a wig and for the theater of fashion), women are keeping their locks long. Longer is actually easier to maintain and offers options of the ponytail to accommodate the addition of collars and special necklines. What is of prime importance now is to get your tresses back into shape, in to a fit state of being so you can go back to your intense work and party life that leads into the holidays.

Deep conditioning is on board now for you as you want your hair to look finished and perfect with just a natural dry in your busy schedule. That is possible and that is what you can accomplish when your hair has that perfect balance of thickness and smoothness.

Your cuticle has been swollen over the summer months with the exposure to sun, humidity, salt and sand. No problem unless it has gotten dull and stiff. Instead of covering it up with plastics and waxing conditioners you must ultra moisturize the hair with plant oils. Plant oils go deep inside the cuticle and shaft and into the follicle to repair the damage due to over exposure to the elements. Jojoba and sesame are your best choices as they are the only plant oils that will penetrate into the follicle and hair shaft allowing sufficient moisturizing so hair is flexible and shiny. When you use plant oils you can choose the degree to which you smooth or flatten your hair or how much you want to allow for the fullness of your hair.

Argan oil has been touted as a dry hair miracle and still does not have the refinement of sesame and jojoba. It also has been blended in synthetic bases which make it a minute ingredient in the mix, so you are not really getting all the benefits they are promising. Therefore, because it is coupled with synthetic ingredients, it actually is suffocating the hair strand instead of hydrating and healing the elasticity.