How to Naturally Cleanse Your Hair


An excerpt from HAIR NOW ~ Seven Devotions of Hair Enlivenment.

wash hairCleansing our hair becomes a gentler, easier process when we use organic, natural ingredients from the plant kingdom.

There is an energy that comes from the plant kingdom that makes us feel, or experience things more intensely.

Our hair and everything around us becomes softer, kinder, more natural.

This energy is like a spiritual vibration that grows out of our being kind to ourselves, and extends this kindness to our whole self, and even to other people.

It is not necessary to pressure the hair, the body, or the spirit into change. The goal is not to get healthy hair in a day. Restoring the hair takes time, as we are implementing a whole health system.

When we use organic plants and plant materials, we are not going to be cleansing as frequently as we would with synthetic, petroleum-based products that coat, wax, and polish the hair, and make it necessary to shampoo every naturally cleanse hairday.

Treating hair well and keeping it clean is not just about the grooming, or shampooing process. Cleansing occurs outside and inside, and also involves nutrition.  Oils cleanse from the outside, but we must also nurture the hair from the inside through the carefully selected nutrients we give it and the foods we eat every day.

There is a dirty little secret that shampoo companies do not want us to know. When we wash our hair with their nutrient-rich shampoos, most of the nutrients and active ingredients end up not in our hair, but down the drain, along with all the money that we spent on the product.

These shampoos are not molecularly structured to penetrate the cells of hair, especially not the tiny hair
follicles from where our hair actually grows. Instead, they sit atop the follicle and cuticle until we rinse them away.

To think about this another way: if you fertilize a plant, do you pour the fertilizer on the leaves?

Of course not. You pour the fertilizer on the roots and into the soil.

Our hair works basically the same way.

If we want to feed our hair correctly, we must treat it at the roots. Plant oils have varying molecular structures designed to penetrate the scalp and hair follicle so that a healthy, balanced environment is cultivated for hair growth.

Using a plant-based shampoo can make all the
difference for growing a beautiful and healthy head of hair.


BeverlyD KINDNESS Organic Hair ShampooWhat is a Good Shampoo?

Kindness ~ BeverlyD Luxe Organic Shampoo rocks as a superb cleanser and remover of buildup, dirt, styling products, and oils while cleansing and balancing the follicle in the scalp.

For some hair types it can stand alone as a total and complete, moisturizing, cleansing, de-tangling, and conditioning formula ready for styling, or natural drying.

When was the last time you showed a little Kindness to your hair?

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Daring to Be in 2014

Truth or Dare what gives you more energy?  Someone admits as a truth they secretly admired you. Feels nice, warm.  OR They became daring and come to you with flowers and a bold statement of’ I have been admiring you from afar’. Same or Different?

Bold statements shock and surprise us. Who doesn’t like a surprise now and then. It has energy and excitement.  It perturbs our predictable or usual state.  It’s like an injection of vitamins, puts a smile on your face, your hormones get happy.

BeverlyD as the Dominatrix of Beauty

BeverlyD as the Dominatrix of Beauty

Sometimes when people are daring or appear bold, they are accused of being a rebel, think Madonna, Bob Dylan, heck I certainly have been accused of that and I remember in the 80″s feeling wronged by that statement.  I needed to conform.

Yea I saw what that did to me.  I got caught up in being average then I gained weight and got uglier…I grew my hair, I got a boyfriend, I became so ordinary and my life became very predictable and had a look associated with that future, Yuck.  Then I found my Daring again.

First, I had to find my fellow rebels, Madonna, music business, karaoke, short skirts, Germans, traveling, a far-out life mentor, peach orange hair! That’s the girl! I became older and bolder.  The GREAT thing about this is that when people from my past see me now they always are a bit shocked and say I haven’t aged a bit.  It’s true I have been getting younger as I get older.

Daring to be involves doing…doing is action, action creates more energy.Practicing, getting curious, expanding your world view, is how you train for daring.  You get out of your box and jump into the triangle.  This is how you evolve to being daring.  Because now there is no effort in being daring.   I am daring!

As we end our year, how can you preparing for a daring future?  Who would you like to be in the company of?  What clothes would you daringly wear?  What BOLD statement do you want to make?  This is how to prepare yourself for your new year REVOLUTION.

BeverlyD as her one woman show character

BeverlyD as her one woman show character


Take the Dare this year…go for it…the energy derived from getting out of that box is what changes the world.!  Happy New Year!  Be the REVOLUTION you want to see!

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