Cleansing from the Inside Out

Learning how to cleanse from the inside out is as important to our overall health and well being as learning how to cleanse our hair the right way.

Cleansing our body, mind & spirit is so refreshing…kind of like the beauty of this picture…it just makes you feel all wonderful and peaceful doesn’t it?

O7A9fAvYSXC7NTdz8gLQ_IMGP1039When you Google the phrase “cleansing from the inside out”, it will return you approximately 5,830,000 results.

Obviously…this is a HUGE deal in the world we live in due to all of the toxicity in our world today: environment, food, beauty products…just to name a few.

We must be diligent in caring about what we put into our bodies, as that affects this shell we inhabit in either good ways, or bad ways in what comes out of our bodies.

BeverlyD is a revolutionary leader in teaching on how to cleanse your insides first, which in turn will affect your outside in a wonderful way!

Here are a couple excerpts from the book HAIR NOW ~ 7 Devotions of Hair Enlivenment by BeverlyD that deal with how to cleanse from the inside to cleanse from the inside out

“Learning how to read the ingredients list on a product label is essential. Labels indicating that a product contains “natural ingredients” can be misleading.

The first three ingredients listed on any given label are the most important.

Manufacturers will often prominently display the word “water” on labels of natural products. This is not false.

However, if water is listed as the first ingredient in a shampoo, and the second is sodium lauryl sulfate, then the primary active ingredient in that shampoo is sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium laurel sulfate, and sodium laureth sulfate, among other common ingredients found in most hair care products are petroleum-derived.

A petroleum derived ingredient is an ingredient that is processed from petroleum.

The process produces toxins which damage hair, follicle, and scalp. Because petroleum is a natural substance, one might easily assume it is beneficial to our locks, but petroleum-based substances are damaging to our hair.”


“Know the difference between organic, natural, and green, and whenever possible, go local.

There are a great many benefits to interacting with local communities, not the least of which is the ability to investigate and ascertain the integrity and authenticity of a product.”

Just a few words of wisdom concerning cleansing that we can all LIVE by!

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How to Naturally Cleanse Your Hair


An excerpt from HAIR NOW ~ Seven Devotions of Hair Enlivenment.

wash hairCleansing our hair becomes a gentler, easier process when we use organic, natural ingredients from the plant kingdom.

There is an energy that comes from the plant kingdom that makes us feel, or experience things more intensely.

Our hair and everything around us becomes softer, kinder, more natural.

This energy is like a spiritual vibration that grows out of our being kind to ourselves, and extends this kindness to our whole self, and even to other people.

It is not necessary to pressure the hair, the body, or the spirit into change. The goal is not to get healthy hair in a day. Restoring the hair takes time, as we are implementing a whole health system.

When we use organic plants and plant materials, we are not going to be cleansing as frequently as we would with synthetic, petroleum-based products that coat, wax, and polish the hair, and make it necessary to shampoo every naturally cleanse hairday.

Treating hair well and keeping it clean is not just about the grooming, or shampooing process. Cleansing occurs outside and inside, and also involves nutrition.  Oils cleanse from the outside, but we must also nurture the hair from the inside through the carefully selected nutrients we give it and the foods we eat every day.

There is a dirty little secret that shampoo companies do not want us to know. When we wash our hair with their nutrient-rich shampoos, most of the nutrients and active ingredients end up not in our hair, but down the drain, along with all the money that we spent on the product.

These shampoos are not molecularly structured to penetrate the cells of hair, especially not the tiny hair
follicles from where our hair actually grows. Instead, they sit atop the follicle and cuticle until we rinse them away.

To think about this another way: if you fertilize a plant, do you pour the fertilizer on the leaves?

Of course not. You pour the fertilizer on the roots and into the soil.

Our hair works basically the same way.

If we want to feed our hair correctly, we must treat it at the roots. Plant oils have varying molecular structures designed to penetrate the scalp and hair follicle so that a healthy, balanced environment is cultivated for hair growth.

Using a plant-based shampoo can make all the
difference for growing a beautiful and healthy head of hair.


BeverlyD KINDNESS Organic Hair ShampooWhat is a Good Shampoo?

Kindness ~ BeverlyD Luxe Organic Shampoo rocks as a superb cleanser and remover of buildup, dirt, styling products, and oils while cleansing and balancing the follicle in the scalp.

For some hair types it can stand alone as a total and complete, moisturizing, cleansing, de-tangling, and conditioning formula ready for styling, or natural drying.

When was the last time you showed a little Kindness to your hair?

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50 Shades of Cool…Revisited

February is here, and the LIVE holiday of St Valentine!



It’s also the release of 50 Shades of Grey, so here I am re-releasing my “50 Shades of Cool”…natural from nature, modern hair.


Grey? Yes, Grey.

Or, if you prefer…Silver Slate, Vintage Platinum, Icy White, Blue Silver, Cool Violet, Smokey Blonde, Smoldering Bombshell!

Vogue promoted the look and I agree: grey doesn’t mean grandma anymore.

This coming-of-age color is modern, edgy and space-age. It’s all in the execution.

Will grey work for you?

Vogue Magazine Grey Hair Color PictureWith any look, what’s important is that your hair be shiny and healthy and have a modern cut so that your hair can move.

When your hair shines and moves, it attracts…and attraction is what it’s all about.

To take on this 21st century style, consider a visit to a hair color expert. Use organic hair color creams like Schwartzkopf Essensity.

Make a visit to an image consultant to pick clothing colors to complement your hair color, body type, and skin tone. Then, upgrade your wardrobe to include the latest styles.

Now, add some new activities to get your body moving; upgrade your diet; make a few of those other changes you’ve been considering.

You’ll create enough excitement in your life to make you blush, resulting with a wholesome, healthy, happy aura that sells any look.

How do you feel about your “50 shades of grey”?

BeverlyD Entrepreneurship

My entrepreneurial experience began as young child…

Being from a dairy farm family, children were abundant and contributed to the success of the farm business. That was like having a job with no pay, an apprenticeship.

But, of course, we were fed, clothed, lodged and loved.

BeverlyD as her one woman show character

The real entrepreneur training happened when we got an opportunity to pick cucumbers to raise our own money. Every summer, from about July through September, we picked cucumbers and got our own vouchers to take to the bank to save for our own spending.

Of course, we bought our school supplies and clothes with this money.

I actually paid for my tuition for beauty school with that money. This was all the beginning of entrepreneurship for me.

Make the money; then spend the money.

This theory can also apply to one’s health, well-being, and beauty. I’d like to call it entrepre-beauty.

Beauty now is so much based on capitalism; spending money in hopes of looking better. It often involves using credit, or borrowing money, opening a business, and hoping it all works.

HOPE can be a dangerous path in the area of business and well-being.

Let’s look at how beauty can work in an entrepreneurial sense. May I suggest that you first plant some seeds; seeds of good thoughts, seeds of nutritious foods. Include a proper vitamin balance, movement, sunshine, and some well thought out beauty practices that are synergistic with a person’s body and spirit.

Instead of doing your hair, how about being your hair?

As you are growing your hair, your hair is symbolic of an evolution, or an unfolding of getting better, healthier, thicker, shinier, younger, and strong.

Capitalistically, you command the hair into place in one service. You look for an instant change, a quick fix.

Instant gratification.

In a Capitalist system, you have nothing one day, and the next day there is a business front.

Just like that.

Costs a lot of money up front, but you can buy money and pay interest, and it just will cost you more.

I remember the 80’s and beyond.

Women would come with such damaged bad color, and I could spend a whole day correcting it with $600 plus price tags.

When you want instant results, it costs.

An example is hair extensions, which are a very expensive remedy for thickening hair.  Instant gratification can satisfy temporarily, but the future costs will be even more. For someone with fine hair, certain processes are going to stress the follicle, and the hair is eventually going to fall out.

Quick fixes are a lot like modern medicine…drugs with side effects.

So, you can operate this way, and a lot of people do.

However, if you want to get back to how things truly begin and grow, go back to the farm.  Your hair can be repaired and become what you truly would like it to be, though it takes time.

In business, we call this get rich slow; in hair, we call it heal your hair naturally and organically according to nature.

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Redefining Organic

These days, we call it “organic”, but what does organic really mean?

Organic in the original definition is something that occurs naturally; a natural process of life. Some call it a natural growth process. Nature’s way of growing, developing and blossoming.

It is not manipulated; it is following the laws of nature.what makes it organic

Organic is not the USDA label saying something was grown in a particular way; even in those cases it is so manipulated and artificial, but city folks are buying it while thinking they are doing something good.

Guess what: the only thing that can be certified organic is plants…period.



Organic beef…lie.

Organic chicken, are you kidding me?

Did the chicken grow up in nature only eating bugs?

It’s the same with hair products. Organic? Are you kidding me?

There are no rules!

The USDA has not completed any definitions. It is all made up and the man who was doing something about that, to fix things, died this year: Horst M. Rechelbacher.

Here is my point: The only way you could certify an organic product is if the ingredients are solely plants and are in the bottle.

For example: plant oils.

So, don’t fall for all those names on bottles and that “certified” label. Remember my story about the certified organic factory that labels and produces; it was not pure. It contained petroleum fumes and ingredients from chemical plants

So perhaps you wonder why I use the word “organic.”

It’s to get your attention!

It’s to be in the buzz, and I use the word to describe the process by which your hair will transform when you use our products.

Your hair becomes young again; organically, naturally, and with simple ingredients.

This means less shampooing and more evolving into what your hair naturally wants to be.

Have questions? Share them with us below!

We’ll help you choose the right products for you!

BeverlyD Cover Story in Hometown

Recently, BeverlyD was given front-page coverage in her hometown newspaper, Pulaski News, in Pulaski Wisconsin!

Thank you to Jenna Guernsey of Pulaski News for a well-written tribute to BeverlyD that truly embodies the theme that anyone can do anything, if they just set their mind to it!

Anything is Possible

Pulaski alumna Beverly Dombrowski proves that anything is possible. Coming from a town of 32 people, nine of which were family members, Dombrowski has now raised and impacted over 1,000 hairdressers, and managed and opened 44 salons. Dombrowski also has her own line of hair products, “BeverlyD Luxe Organic Hair Care”. On top of that, she hosts workshops where she takes on roles such as “entrepreneur and lifestyle mentor”.


Pulaski News ArticlePulaski impacted her lifestyle in many ways. In high school, Dombrowski was a member of the Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and she even created her own club while a student at Pulaski High School called Pep Club. “There was my expression of getting something started,” said Dombrowski.


Growing up in and around the farming industry in Pulaski was the foundation of Dombrowski’s success. “Farming is a very entrepreneurial environment. A lot of my mentoring and coaching comes from those basic principles of farming,” she said.


Not only was she an active part in clubs in Pulaski, she also participated in Pulaski News. Her Pulaski News adviser, Bernard Olejniczak, taught her many lessons she still uses today; the main one being to write simple. “The Pulaski News gave me experience,” said Dombrowski. “Journalism is about saying what you see; it’s not opinion. Writing about what you see was the background training for me becoming a coach. That’s what I learned from the Pulaski News, reporting what actually happened,” said Dombrowski.


Dombrowski has done a variety of local celebrities’ hair in Texas, including Princess Margaret of Romania and Arianna Huffington. Dombrowski became close friends with Huffington, and this led her to becoming a blogger for the Huffington Post, and even attending Huffington’s wedding in New York. “I’m always writing to create a life where you don’t burn out; a life of vitality. That’s what I write about on the Huffington Post,” said Dombrowski.


The main class she hosts is “What to Do With the Rest of Your Life”. This workshop helps entrepreneurs come up with fun new business ideas that deliver value as well. Another workshop she hosted was “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, where women learn how to cooperate, look at what they desire, and really see how they want their life to turn out; they also put on a show that included singing and dancing to have some fun. “It creates memorable experiences that enliven people,” said Dombrowski. “Inspiring others to go for what they want in their lives, that is the thing I can be proud of.”


Hair Now by BeverlyDDombrowski’s book, “HAIR NOW ~ Seven Devotions for Hair Enlivenment”, shows her passion for the hair industry. “I’ve been writing in several ways for the last 15 years on a regular basis. I do a newsletter for my company monthly, so basically I took all the material from 15 years of writing,” said Dombrowski.


She then had someone organize all of the material, then she came up with the design and chapters of her book, which are named after her products. The first part of the chapters are about spirit, and the second is about hair. After hiring someone to edit, Dombrowski decided that she didn’t like the book and rewrote it all herself.


“This book is about spirit and hair. It’s about your energy and your life spirit,” said Dombrowski. “That’s what my book’s about, Enlivenment. Not just hair, but your life. How do you bring more energy and vitality into your life.”


Dombrowski has also had the opportunity to visit Germany many times and has a clientele there, as well. Visiting other countries helped her create a global client base from the organization Global Women Entrepreneur’s Network (GWEN).


“The essence of this organization is very simple; to do the things you love and find the pieces of your life puzzle and activate them. They are the pieces that make you feel loving and kind to others. Then, as a smart woman, turn those activities into a successful career,” wrote Dombrowski in a recent press release.


Dombrowski is returning to Germany this August for a conference with GWEN. She has released her book and hosted hair parties in Hamburg, Cologne, Berlin, and Munich.


Dombrowski came from the small town of Pulaski, Wisconsin, and moved to the business capital of the world, New York City, for nine years and has worked tirelessly to accomplish her entrepreneurial goals. Her life is a true story that shows us that anything is possible. For more information on Dombrowski’s entrepreneur school, visit