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“Experiment” From My Bathtub

I really started to notice that shampoo cleans too much. Let’s face it. Cleaning off fat cells is what shampooing does. But fine hair is skinny enough we don’t need to make it more skinny.

What I noticed is that the Appreciation for fine hair is really wax not oil. It’s like the sebum that is produced by our bodies.

We’ve all noticed that when hair is a little dirtier, it’s more obedient. That’s because of the sebum coating.

I’ve noticed when Generosity is used, it’s really thickening for the hair and creates denser hair.

So – I decided to experiment on myself – because what does Cole Porter say?

“Experiment – Make it your motto day and night
Experiment – It will lead you to the light.”

I’ve been taking lots of Epsom salt baths lately, but I don’t need to shampoo that often. I started applying appreciation on my hair and my hair was getting wet. So I started using Generosity instead of shampoo. I worked it in like shampoo, going from my scalp all the way to the ends.

 I noticed my hair wasn’t oily and it felt clean.  I did this over and over. I didn’t wash for 10 days.

And I must say – I have babe hair – sexy full hair!

Then I added another element to give more body. Generosity thickens hair, but fine hair is really soft. I added Attention all the way from the scalp to the ends. Then I finished with Complete Hair Balm.

So I’m adding more to fine hair to make it become babe hair, and not stripping it with too much shampoo.

The steps are:

1. Apply liquid plant wax – Appreciation Organic Infusion For Fine Hair.

2. Put on food and plant proteins, which add more density – Generosity Hair Masque.
3. Then for a styling option, add flax to give it crispness and texture – Attention Hair Gel.
4. Finish with a denser wax – Complete Hair Balm. This will enhance shine and thicken the hair without dulling.
Check out my before and after pictures:

My fine hair after shampoo but no conditioner

After Generosity Hair Masque application.

After hot rollers and Complete Hair Balm


The High Cost of Artificial Beauty


I just read this article in the Wall Street Journal (The High Price of Beauty – WSJ) and it is quite amazing what we will spend to look good! And then there is all the maintenance of facial work that comes into play, not to mention plastic surgery.

Do you really believe you have to do this? Do you really want to fit in so badly?  What happened to individuality and seeing beauty everywhere?

I assert that once we get an attitude adjustment, we can let go of all the “have to’s”  in our daily regimens. It is acceptance and being present to the moment that lets you see everything is perfect. It is the pressure and the pace of keeping up that is moving you to take these radical actions to fit in. When you can fit in this very moment and you are totally perfect.

So instead of crossing off a fast pace lifestyle to do list, how about stop and ask yourself what do I notice right now? It’s where you put your attention that gets the attention. You notice flaws, then you fix flaws; you notice beauty and you get beauty. Yes it’s that simple.



Rectangle block of lightened hair sits atop a natural color foundation for dramatic effect. Retouch roots every month or let it grow into ombre!

Becoming Alive

I am declaring a new phase, a coming out, a rebirth if you may!


It began October 6, 2015 after a 21 day cleansing. A cleansing of the soul, the mind, the energy around me! The cleansing neglected the physical body for me which I am such a fan of doing all the time.

After all if I really want change in my life, it’s not about geography or the material side of life. It’s not about people, my friends, family or colleagues! It’s the unseen, the unrevealed part of me. The part of myself I hide because I am scared, I doubt, or am uncertain, clueless to the outcome! I am in new territory, I feel uncomfortable, defensive, and embarrassed because I know what to do! Yet, I have not done it! And then there is the part of me that doesn’t know what needs to change that part of me that can’t see the negativity or what doesn’t work.

So I am acknowledging team, god or light to be the vehicle of my change. I certainly haven’t been able to deliver. In this material world we call life, I see that I am an entertainer because my team gives me entertainer. It is the encouragement of laughter, applause and appreciation that makes me grow and become light. I realize it does not come from me. It’s the collaboration or unity of people as team or light that gives me who I am!
In my inner sanctum it is the unseen, the spirit, the god or light that I am in union with to continue to reveal the concealed and stop the tunnel vision and the delusions, so I can see things as they really are.

My reinvention is concealed now and the change that I want will appear!

Imagine when we all can manifest this in our lives, what a wonderful world it could be!

Collaboration In Being

stop-stalling-beverlyd-luxe-organicDid you ever have a time when you knew that you needed to take an action and you kept on stalling?

Like you really wanted this for yourself, you were certain this was going to assist you in moving forward but you just didn’t have the discipline to do that?

That’s were I have been all year!  I had gained some weight over the last year and noticed some ailments in the body.  I knew it was time for me to do the Living Foods Program as this system has worked for me in the past.

But  I was stuck…I could not do it myself I knew I lack the discipline to get started.  So I decided to look for a retreat or spa to go to for a week or two.  It can be very difficult to leave my business but I decided in August I was going to take three weeks off and do it.

I went to work on a planned project in Dallas with Luz Delia Gerber.  Luz has just published a book and was starting her book tour to promote ‘Oh, My Body’.Luz-Delia-Gerber-ohmybody-book

In conjunction with her book launch we created a party for the Mary Kay women at at the Flagship store of Abi Ferrin, fashion designer.  It was a collaboration of a few businesses coming together to pamper our Mary Kay guests.

Luz was busy making ready and training Abi Ferrin’s team on the menu of living foods she was serving.  Luz and I, recently rekindled our relationship and spent time in hair, walks and preparing for our event.  Luz is also a friend of 30 years and has always been a fountain of well being.  In fact this is why we remain friends because of our shared vision of well-being for our planet.

Live-Foods-BeverlyD-Luxe-OrganicWhat I notice is that all of a sudden I am practicing the living foods program.  I just started on my own.  I mentioned to Luz of my dilemma of starting.  She was patience she listened she said some things and kept making it all right.  Well Monday I began.  And I am on my way!  I am so happy!

All that happened was my being with Luz, and Luz being with me.  The magic happened!  No forcing, no demanding, no goals, no doing, just pure being and the process began for me.

Where in your life can you experience Collaboration with being?

Together we can do so much!

Cleansing from the Inside Out

Learning how to cleanse from the inside out is as important to our overall health and well being as learning how to cleanse our hair the right way.

Cleansing our body, mind & spirit is so refreshing…kind of like the beauty of this picture…it just makes you feel all wonderful and peaceful doesn’t it?

O7A9fAvYSXC7NTdz8gLQ_IMGP1039When you Google the phrase “cleansing from the inside out”, it will return you approximately 5,830,000 results.

Obviously…this is a HUGE deal in the world we live in due to all of the toxicity in our world today: environment, food, beauty products…just to name a few.

We must be diligent in caring about what we put into our bodies, as that affects this shell we inhabit in either good ways, or bad ways in what comes out of our bodies.

BeverlyD is a revolutionary leader in teaching on how to cleanse your insides first, which in turn will affect your outside in a wonderful way!

Here are a couple excerpts from the book HAIR NOW ~ 7 Devotions of Hair Enlivenment by BeverlyD that deal with how to cleanse from the inside out.how to cleanse from the inside out

“Learning how to read the ingredients list on a product label is essential. Labels indicating that a product contains “natural ingredients” can be misleading.

The first three ingredients listed on any given label are the most important.

Manufacturers will often prominently display the word “water” on labels of natural products. This is not false.

However, if water is listed as the first ingredient in a shampoo, and the second is sodium lauryl sulfate, then the primary active ingredient in that shampoo is sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium laurel sulfate, and sodium laureth sulfate, among other common ingredients found in most hair care products are petroleum-derived.

A petroleum derived ingredient is an ingredient that is processed from petroleum.

The process produces toxins which damage hair, follicle, and scalp. Because petroleum is a natural substance, one might easily assume it is beneficial to our locks, but petroleum-based substances are damaging to our hair.”


“Know the difference between organic, natural, and green, and whenever possible, go local.

There are a great many benefits to interacting with local communities, not the least of which is the ability to investigate and ascertain the integrity and authenticity of a product.”

Just a few words of wisdom concerning cleansing that we can all LIVE by!

We’d love to hear what you think!

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How to Naturally Cleanse Your Hair


An excerpt from HAIR NOW ~ Seven Devotions of Hair Enlivenment.

wash hairCleansing our hair becomes a gentler, easier process when we use organic, natural ingredients from the plant kingdom.

There is an energy that comes from the plant kingdom that makes us feel, or experience things more intensely.

Our hair and everything around us becomes softer, kinder, more natural.

This energy is like a spiritual vibration that grows out of our being kind to ourselves, and extends this kindness to our whole self, and even to other people.

It is not necessary to pressure the hair, the body, or the spirit into change. The goal is not to get healthy hair in a day. Restoring the hair takes time, as we are implementing a whole health system.

When we use organic plants and plant materials, we are not going to be cleansing as frequently as we would with synthetic, petroleum-based products that coat, wax, and polish the hair, and make it necessary to shampoo every naturally cleanse hairday.

Treating hair well and keeping it clean is not just about the grooming, or shampooing process. Cleansing occurs outside and inside, and also involves nutrition.  Oils cleanse from the outside, but we must also nurture the hair from the inside through the carefully selected nutrients we give it and the foods we eat every day.

There is a dirty little secret that shampoo companies do not want us to know. When we wash our hair with their nutrient-rich shampoos, most of the nutrients and active ingredients end up not in our hair, but down the drain, along with all the money that we spent on the product.

These shampoos are not molecularly structured to penetrate the cells of hair, especially not the tiny hair
follicles from where our hair actually grows. Instead, they sit atop the follicle and cuticle until we rinse them away.

To think about this another way: if you fertilize a plant, do you pour the fertilizer on the leaves?

Of course not. You pour the fertilizer on the roots and into the soil.

Our hair works basically the same way.

If we want to feed our hair correctly, we must treat it at the roots. Plant oils have varying molecular structures designed to penetrate the scalp and hair follicle so that a healthy, balanced environment is cultivated for hair growth.

Using a plant-based shampoo can make all the
difference for growing a beautiful and healthy head of hair.


BeverlyD KINDNESS Organic Hair ShampooWhat is a Good Shampoo?

Kindness ~ BeverlyD Luxe Organic Shampoo rocks as a superb cleanser and remover of buildup, dirt, styling products, and oils while cleansing and balancing the follicle in the scalp.

For some hair types it can stand alone as a total and complete, moisturizing, cleansing, de-tangling, and conditioning formula ready for styling, or natural drying.

When was the last time you showed a little Kindness to your hair?

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50 Shades of Cool…Revisited

February is here, and the LIVE holiday of St Valentine!



It’s also the release of 50 Shades of Grey, so here I am re-releasing my “50 Shades of Cool”…natural from nature, modern hair.


Grey? Yes, Grey.

Or, if you prefer…Silver Slate, Vintage Platinum, Icy White, Blue Silver, Cool Violet, Smokey Blonde, Smoldering Bombshell!

Vogue promoted the look and I agree: grey doesn’t mean grandma anymore.

This coming-of-age color is modern, edgy and space-age. It’s all in the execution.

Will grey work for you?

Vogue Magazine Grey Hair Color PictureWith any look, what’s important is that your hair be shiny and healthy and have a modern cut so that your hair can move.

When your hair shines and moves, it attracts…and attraction is what it’s all about.

To take on this 21st century style, consider a visit to a hair color expert. Use organic hair color creams like Schwartzkopf Essensity.

Make a visit to an image consultant to pick clothing colors to complement your hair color, body type, and skin tone. Then, upgrade your wardrobe to include the latest styles.

Now, add some new activities to get your body moving; upgrade your diet; make a few of those other changes you’ve been considering.

You’ll create enough excitement in your life to make you blush, resulting with a wholesome, healthy, happy aura that sells any look.

How do you feel about your “50 shades of grey”?

How to Find Locally Sourced Foods…

Have you ever had a problem locating foods that are sourced in your local area?

local foodsWould you like to be able to find the best local foods in order to provide your family, your restaurant, your farm stand, etc. with these excellent offerings?

We recently came across an article in the Well Being Journal that we would like to share with you.

Agrilicious is a new venture with a goal to be a national go-to resource for local, nutritious food. The website helps readers find, select, and celebrate the benefits of locally sourced food.

Agrilicious supports the family-farmer connection, bringing together restaurants, grocery delivery services, meal kit producers, distributors, educators, and food industry experts and advocates to share ideas, connect, and make a difference.

Agrilicious is for those who are becoming curious and concerned about the food we eat, where it’s from, and what is actually in it.

Agrilicious provides over 100,000 listings and enhanced profiles of local food sellers; search tools allowing individuals, agripreneurs, and business-to-business (B2B) food suppliers to connect online and offline; food, farming, and agriculture news, independent reviews and analysis, columns, educational materials, and a blog, and featured farms and businesses; informative videos from industry experts; food-related documentaries; and exclusive programming including, “In Search of Food”, an online series featuring Joel Salatin, Ann Cooper, Alice Waters, Scott Pampuch, and Barton Seaver. Based in Seattle, WA, Agricilious SPC is a social purpose corporation.

Agrilicious is a new organization at the heart of the food movement, providing a novel way to participate in the local food experience. Learn more about Agrilicious here.

Do you have other resources for finding locally sourced foods?

Tell us about them in the comments below! We enjoy hearing from you!

Food vs. Medicine

With the new year upon us, many people desire to make big changes in their overall health.

lifestyle vs medicineOne thing that is becoming more and more popular is the idea of changing your lifestyle and diet to correct, or relieve any ailments versus taking medications that will more than likely have harmful side effects.

A common ailment in today’s society is the headache!

Ginger is a wonderful root, high in anti-inflammatory properties with several beneficial factors, and relieving migraines is one of many.

Avoid any foods containing MSG because MSG has been scientifically linked to causing headaches along with other health issues. The leading causes of headaches is caffeine, the artificial sweetener aspartame, and foods that contain sodium nitrate, such as processed foods and cured meat like hot dogs and bacon.

Every man and woman wants the chance to drink from the fountain of youth. In order to prevent the effects of aging, a simple change in diet can do the trick.

All you have to do is reduce your intake of foods that contain high amounts of saturated fats, as well as reduce your intake of red meat to no more than twice a week.

And, of course, eliminate fried foods.

Foods low in saturated fat as well as raw foods are fine. A plant-based diet would be beneficial.

Foods especially good for “anti-aging” are broccoli sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, tomatoes, blueberries, and apples.

Another common health aggravation are those dreaded allergies.

manganeseAllergy levels are increasing due to the amount of environmental pollutants and food contaminates. One little known fact is that people with chronic allergies are usually deficient in manganese.

Foods that contain a good amount of manganese are beans, peas, blueberries, and then there is the option of taking a manganese supplement.

There are a handful of various supplements that can be taken on a daily basis that will reduce allergies, such as Omega-3 Oil, Vitamin C, etc.

The consumption of stinging nettle herb can also be used in the treatment of severe allergies due to it being an immune system booster.

Cantaloupe, Ginger and Apple are also all good for boosting the immune system and thus relieving allergy symptoms.

This is just a snippet of what foods are really capable of.

Instead of taking a handful of prescription and OTC medications, you can just change the foods you eat, take the bad things out and add specific good things to relieve whatever health issue you’re having.

Be more mindful of what you consume.

Make a food log to keep track of what you’re eating and how it’s affecting your overall well-being.

The saying “you are what you eat” is very true!

Here at BeverlyD, we know your hair will mirror the products you use on it, and our bodies do the same thing!

Live a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and even healthier hair!

food as medicine book coverA good recourse and guide to follow when wanting to make a dietary change in your life is the book “Food as Medicine” by Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D.

“As you age, you should decrease your overall calorie consumption and increase the amount of raw foods you eat.” ~Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D



What changes are you making this year to ensure your healthiest year yet?

Share them with us in the comments below!

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